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How to Build a Community in Online Classroom

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With the rapid increase in COVID 19 cases, remote learning is coming into the foreplay. Students and teachers both are trying to make themselves compatible with this mode of teaching. This sudden shift in the mode of teaching has arisen an array of difficulties. One of the most basic difficulties experienced by both groups is the feeling of personal connections. It is often believed that students of this generation are technology-friendly. And there is no denial of this fact. 

But despite this fact, we as human beings are extremely emotional people. Therefore, we need to give our children revaluation, and emotional support. However, with online teaching, it is difficult to maintain a sense of belonging. So, the best schools in Faridabad are trying to build a positive environment in the online classroom. We need to come up with newer and interesting forms of activities that give students a sense of belongingness. 

Engaging Activities:

We can ask our students to make a drawing that represents their thinking. It will not only give a platform to show their creative edge but also they will feel more connected with us. One by one all students should discuss their idea of drawing. This way students will also build a connection with each other. Other ideas can be to organize an online poetry recitation competition, online debates, or speech competitions. This will give a break to all students from mundane online learning. 

Classroom Rules and Expectations:

Another way is by making a list of things that all the students are expected to follow. As there is no normal school. Therefore, pitching a regular idea can hamper the whole process of learning. Studying from home is a bit tricky. So, we need to prepare a list of rules that will give a good hand on learning to young minds. Having a regular video call can help a lot. Other than this, it will give a chance to all the students to speak their minds. Top 10 schools in Faridabad are trying to bridge this gap. 

Online Class Traditions & Collaborative Projects:

With online teaching, it is difficult to stick to the conventional class traditions. So, we need to assign responsibilities to each one of the students. These responsibilities may vary from preparing questions, writing personal assignments, journal writing assignments, etc. It is also a good idea to ask students to prepare their own question/ answer sheet. 

We can also ask our students to perform a group activity like a play or a drama sequence from a story etc. This way students will learn how to write and represent their ideas on the stage with their friends or classmates. They can also be asked to perform a thematic play-based on values, morals, and cultures. This way students will get a better understanding of their culture and values. 

Rather than giving individual assignments or practice papers. Assigning students with a group task or team project can work efficiently for them. It is highly unlikely for students to go to school and meet their friends. So, collaborative projects can actually solve the problem. 

The best playschools in Faridabad are giving home projects to their tiny tots. They are trying to keep their students busy. Young students should be given engaging and innovative activities so that they can explore the world of ideas. 

Building a Personal Connect with Students:

It is important to have a personal connection with all our students. But getting to know all our students is difficult with remote teaching. As we no longer see our students regularly. Though with a little effort we can make this happen. All we need is to find ways of doing it. Seeing a teacher coming out of his or her way to make his or her student happy is the best feeling possible. A teacher can pay a personal visit to their student’s home, give them a phone call, send them a mail or send them goodies, etc. This way students and teachers will build a mutual connection with each other. Teachers are known for showering unconditional love but. And with the current situation, the mode of doing it should change.  

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