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What is the best website in India to get an online doctor’s consultation?

In today’s rapidly evolving world, health is often neglected. The reasons could be several. Starting from difficulty in getting a doctor’s appointment to wasting...

How to Build a Community in Online Classroom

With the rapid increase in COVID 19 cases, remote learning is coming into the foreplay. Students and teachers both are trying to make themselves...

Impact on Environment during Covid-19 Lockdown

This lockdown shows the beauty of the world through decades of degradation and its effects on all around the world, of all that could...

Top 5 e-learning Platforms to Advance Your Career

Taking control of what anyone wants to learn and build their career is one of the best decisions one could make. E-learning has evolved...

How Candies Bring Cheer To Children?

Any child that has ever had a candy, will say that these sugary treats make everything better. There is a scientific cause of this....

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