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Why Bulk SMS is the Cheapest & the Best Way to Get in touch with Customers?

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Bulk SMS – Being in a digital era, it’s essential to transform our businesses digitally and utilise all the resources to boost our revenue. However, figuring out how to communicate with customers can be challenging. This is because there are so many different methods, each with its own lists of pros & cons. But one method consistently appears to come out on top for global enterprises, startups, or anything in between Bulk SMS marketing. 

What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS Marketing is the continuous process of delivering business updates, sales, promotions, news, or other relevant messages to your customers via SMS on their mobile phones. It is a kind of digital marketing strategy that promotes building brand awareness on a personal level. Businesses can send Bulk SMS to specific audience fragments or customise the UX by sending personalised messages. This tactic enables you to avoid other selling noise such as social media ads, email marketing, etc. – and go directly to users’ phones. It wouldn’t matter if you had a large corporation or a corner market. Using personalised text messages to stay in touch with customers delivers results.

How is it Effective?

Most people have their phones with them throughout the day, so SMS offers the best chance to read your message. In addition, SMS is well-known for its reliable delivery of time-sensitive messages, making it a suitable way to encourage customer engagement. Staying in touch with them helps you stay competitive in your market space. Therefore, timely communication is a pivotal factor in converting prospects into satisfied customers. Bulk SMS services put your marketing message in prospects’ perceptions in real-time.

Bulk SMS is the one solution with everything you need to provide a seamless customer experience anytime, anywhere. Businesses often use chatbots to manage all conversations efficiently and automate conversations within an omnichannel inbox. And since happy customers convert more, you can personalise the entire customer journey and outperform their expectations. 

Why is Bulk SMS the Best Way of Staying in Touch?

  1. High ROI & Low Cost

Any form of marketing — newspapers, print ads or TV ads is cost-prohibitive for small and medium businesses. Bulk SMS, however, has zero set-up and installation costs. In addition, it can be implemented with absolutely no hardware saving your running costs as well. With such cost-effectiveness and a high rate of return, Bulk SMS marketing is the most effective modern marketing means for SMBs.

  1. Customer Retention 

Bulk SMS plays a very subtle yet crucial role in bringing back your ‘almost lost’ customers. For example, messages such as “Your favourite Merch is waiting to get delivered at your doorstep, visit your Cart to ORDER NOW!” can serve customer retention.

  1. Targeted Approach

Target marketing is at its peak, with so much going around in the digital marketing space. You can’t just take a shot in the air and pray that it reaches the right audience. The person that receives your message already has:

  • a relationship with your business
  • agreed to receive promotional messages (opted-in)

These two factors depict that the targets are already customers and can be converted into leads using intelligent analytics. Thus, you can leverage Bulk SMS marketing services by targeting them to the extent of customer’s behaviour and preferences.

To conclude, Bulk SMS is a great pull marketing technique to keep customers coming back for more information and engagement. mTalkz is your best bet for an immediate rise in sales and increased customer satisfaction with intelligent SMS marketing campaigns. It extends a user-friendly interface that everyone can efficiently operate. Moreover, to acquire a broader perspective of staying in touch with prospective customers and clients to maximise the reach of your business, you should partner with mTalkz, the #1 Bulk SMS Service Provider in India. With their services, you can ensure better customer relationships, smooth customer experience, increased satisfaction, and, most importantly, reliability! 

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