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6 Best Bulk SMS Service Providers In Delhi NCR For Effective Marketing

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In the technologically advanced era, it has become effortless to reach out to a vast audience. Everyone is highly dependent on their phones, and this dependency has opened up different opportunities for businesses to reach the targeted audience or the customers easily and quickly. With just one click, SMS can be sent to thousands of people. Bulk SMS services are the modern way that is being adopted by many businesses in today’s time. It is very advantageous and has made people’s lives easy. 

This technique to reach out to a targeted market or huge audience is used by various industries like health care, food brands, E-commerce, banking, schools, FMCG, brand marketing etc. It is the best medium to reach out to the customers as phone calls usually go unanswered, emails can be unread for days, but SMS is read immediately. There are various Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi NCR, but some of the best ones are:


mTalkz is one of the best Bulk SMS service providers for the effective market. They send messages from your system to more than 225 countries worldwide and are known for worldwide connectivity. The interface offered by them is simple and user-friendly. mTalkz is regarded by many because of its advantages like low cost, instant delivery system, trustworthy etc. They even offer easy and hassle-free services in different languages for different users. Well established companies like Indian Oil, Zee Group, Max Healthcare, ICFAI University etc., use their Bulk SMS service to reach a vast targeted audience as mTalkz guarantees to increase the sales pitch. Mtalkz is the best bulk SMS service provider in India.


Textlocal app chooses the SMS best suited for the business. They provide the most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive Bulk SMS platform. They can even compose the text in 20+ languages which is extremely important. And the best part about them is the fantastic customer support service that they provide.


They are known to provide the cheapest high priority SMS to 25000+ customers in India. They provide instant delivery and are 24*7 available for their user’s comfort. SMSFresh even offers 100 free SMS services to first time users.

Nimbus IT Solutions

Nimbus IT Solutions have mastery in offering customised Bulk SMS service. They offer affordable and customer friendly services and have established trust in the competitive market. The best part about them is that they even guarantee positive results from the services they provide to their user and have their offices in different cities to offer their services all over India without any hassle. 

My SMS Bazaar

These are known to provide promotional and transactional Bulk SMS with the best price guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction. They support their clients in growing their business by reaching out to the vast targeted market.


They are known for their branding and have pretty many salespeople around the city attempting to pitch their services. They even offer a reasonable delivery rate and round the clock technical support.

You should select the best Bulk SMS marketing provider to reach out to the targeted audience and boost the business’s sales. There are various Bulk SMS service providers in India, so the business person should consider the benefits offered by different providers before purchasing a particular company’s service.

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