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Boxed Packaged Goods: The Right Way To Pack Them

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Looking for the right packaging for your boxed packaged goods? Folding cartons, which led the packaging industry over 100 years ago, are now billions of dollars.  How to fold also depends on your requirements. You can also add Windows to allow consumers to see your internal content. Some have a built-in locking mechanism.

Many questions arise, especially for manufacturers, with all of the electronic product shipping and so many various packaging materials available for boxed packaged goods.

What is the best way to pack electronics for shipping? What is the best packaging material to use? Is it better to use corrugated boxes or plastic packaging for boxed packaged goods? What about the packaging for shipping? Is it necessary for me to use rigid boxes? What about the display boxes? What about the void filling? Is it possible to just buy boxes from a provider, or do I need custom boxes with unique shapes?

Packaging boxes are one of the most versatile, economical and environmentally friendly ways to wrap your products.

So many questions about boxes; and, on top of that, you must ensure that your packaging is cost-effective, that shipping boxes and packaging materials provide more protection than traditional materials, that long-distance shipping is now common, and that retail packaging plays an important role in providing a positive customer experience.

We determined that the best way to tackle this product packaging adventure is to look at each packaging material, packaging box, or packaging kind, as the case may be, one by one.

What are the different types of goods packaged?

The top five type of boxed packaged goods that need proper packaging are:

  • Clothes
  • Medicines
  • Perfumes
  • Jewellery

Types of packaging boxes to look for packing boxed packaged goods

Most cartons come in two main forms. Folding carton and sturdy carton.

It can be cardboard, cardboard, or fiberboard. Stamp one sheet according to the template and fold it to create a box or tray. 

The opposite of a foldable cardboard box is a sturdy cardboard box. Shoeboxes are usually provided in this format. Clothing and electronics also use these types of two-piece boxes.

Packaging units fall into five broad categories, depending on the materials and construction used

Golf carton for boxed packaged goods

A cardboard box is a lightweight and durable box made by folding cardboard. The basic structure of corrugated board includes a board made of corrugated or curved paper between two layers of cardboard lining board.

This gives cardboard boxes higher bending stiffness and pressure resistance than most other packaging boxes. There are different types of corrugated board, depending on the density of the arches and grooves and the thickness of the board.

Cardboard box

Corrugated Cardboard Corrugated board is made of a thick paper-based material that weighs over 250 GSM. This makes cardboard boxes perfect for retail boxes that look very attractive on store shelves.  Easy to print on cardboard packaging. In addition, it is easy to laminate corrugated board for strength and water resistance.

Aseptic box

Sterile cartons are more layered containers commonly used to store liquid foods. It is often used to store juices, soups, baby foods, and even desserts. Aseptic packaging not only extends the shelf life of the product, but also preserves its nutritional value, color and texture.

Gable top cartons

Gable top cartons are multi-layer cartons used to store refrigerated food. These cartons are used to store products such as milk and juice. An air tight lid is a variant of a sterile cardboard box with another plastic lid on top of the box. This makes the cardboard reusable. They are available in the market.

Egg carton

Egg packs or egg bottles  are cartons used to safely transport whole eggs.  Choose the carton that suits your packing needs for boxed packaged goods.

The type of cardboard you need depends heavily on your business needs. Cardboard boxes are ideal for the packaging and moving industry, or for transporting heavy goods. For small products, cardboard boxes are best.


You can also combine multiple boxes to pick your boxed packaged goods. For example, you can use a sturdy cardboard box to pack sensitive electronics and use the cardboard box as a packing material. You can also pack a sterile cardboard box with the cardboard box. There are endless ways you can use the packaging boxes.

Packaging boxes have evolved to meet almost every requirement in the packaging industry. In addition, it is available in various budget segments. This makes the package cabinet an excellent solution for all your packaging needs.

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