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Missed Call Solutions: All You Need to Know Guide

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Call charges in the earlier days could be a huge expense. To solve this problem, missed call solutions were adopted. They have today become cloud-based and serve as a good marketing strategy for businesses. Using missed calls as a way to communicate various information about their brand, their campaign, and in cases even engage customers with the business. Creating leads for the business is another way in which these missed call solutions come in handy. 

A missed call solution uses the concept of a missed call, which simply means to not pick up the call when it rings, or in this case, the calls getting disconnected after one or two rings post which, either in the form of IVR or SMS one can connect with the customer. It can be used to book tables, book an appointment, etc. one of the first commercial uses of missed calls can be found in the case of reality shows where one could make a call and vote for their favourite contestant in a dance show or a music show. 

To integrate missed call solutions into your business you can get in touch with a missed call service provider and use it as a part of your business to conduct campaigns for its growth. 

Missed calls and Business Campaigns

Businesses today are finding using missed calls as the most effective way to create campaigns, feedbacks, get the right customers to interact with the business, etc. As complex, as it may sound, creating a campaign, is rather simple, all you need to do is select a number, this number can either be a toll-free number, starting from (1800) or a regular mobile number. Like any campaign, the next step would be to market it. The only difference here would be to use this number itself to market it. 

Using missed call services will attract a large audience and will play a role in creating a customer database for your business. There are various ways in which missed calls are used, for example, when you launch a new product, you can use it to understand if the customers are interested in the product or not through IVR systems. Another way of using it could be conducting surveys using IVR attached after the missed call. You can also set up SMS alerts as a follow-up to the calls and use them to even send feedback forms. 

Low Costs and Timesaving

Missed call services are free for the customers, this is one more factor that improves customer engagement with such services. When your customers interact with you, the interaction being short and cost-free acts as an incentive to engage. Moreover, it acts as a database for you as well. 

They also incur low costs for you as the business owner as there is no holding time on the calls conducted and you can choose low-cost plans for the missed calls and invest in other more important areas. 

Apart from this it also saves your time and that of your customer. You can receive multiple missed calls at the same and without actually missing who called you, the records of those who called you will be registered on a spreadsheet that you can access later. This acts as a time-saver for your team since a lot of the work is taken care of by the automation itself. 

Campaign Analysis

Missed call solutions also give a full detailed analysis of the campaigns that you may have conducted. It tells you who engaged in the campaign and who did not so that you can work towards making them better and improving on them and making them more efficient. 
Integrating missed call solutions are a step towards the growth of your business, you can do this by getting in touch with a missed call service provider such as MTalkz. These services come with a missed call alert service and help your business get leads and open it up to more prospective customers to expand the business.

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