September 17, 2021

Why Electric Sockets Need To Be Installed With Switches

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The one thing most of us often overlook when shifting into a new building is to check whether each socket is preinstalled with electrical switches or not. It’s just one of those negligible things we tend to ignore since it doesn’t seem like a big deal initially. We commonly ignore the reason why switches and electrical sockets need to go together. It is not recommended to install sockets without switches due to the safety hazards it poses.

Without any electric  switches, we are left with no option but to plug and unplug the device cord from the charger. Now imagine if we had to do this every time with something as simple as charging a device. We would repeatedly have to plug it in or out, be it while charging your phone, watching TV, testing a device or charging our laptop. This is a time-consuming process and not to forget, even a health hazard if the socket is faulty. 

Without a switch, power distribution is not isolated to one distinct circuit so we have no control over which socket is being supplied with power. A switch safeguards the socket by switching off the power supply when not needed. Having a switch also aids in regulating power consumption along with energy saving. However, this is all possible only when you use switches for home and sockets that are safe and reliable. Sub-par sockets can actually worsen the situation and can cause short-circuits. Which is why it is a smart decision to invest in quality sockets which are fire-resistant and safe. The primary benefit of investing in shuttered sockets is that they don’t compromise the safety of young children. These shutters restrict access to the sockets until all 3 pins are in position.

Now if you’re wondering where you can get such advanced sockets then #SchneiderElectric is the answer you are looking for. Schneider Electric has specifically curated a diverse range of sleek, modular electric switches and sockets which are safe for adults and children – and are often considered to be the best switches in India. The switch sockets are also durable and super safe. So, if your home has electrical sockets without switches or your electrical infrastructure is obsolete, it’s time to bid farewell to outdated electrical equipment and upgrade to the best with Schneider Electric. The brand has also extensively covered industrial protection devices as well such as relays, industrial sockets, and MCB switches.  #LifeIsOn

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