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9 Living Room Design Mistakes Everyone Makes

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When heading to renovate a home there are numerous aspects or angles that need to be keenly observed from a fine contrast of color combination, to draperies, floorings every little aspect has to be considered vividly in order to create a perfect look.

The fact that this entire process becomes a bit daunting, people usually consider to hire interior designers in order to prevent themselves from making errors.

If you are someone who is in the process of renovating their homes on their own this article will provide you insights into the common errors that are committed by majorities in doing so. Make sure you read the entire article thoroughly to restrain from the mistakes while renovating your home. 

Common Mistakes Made while Renovations Living Room:

The living area is one of the vital parts of our homes since is where you entertain your guest and so on, that is why this area has to be finely organized and renovated. The common mistakes while renovating your living rooms are:

  1. Large Furniture:

One of the huge mistake people commit while renovation is making an inappropriate choice of furniture. The right size is essential while you consider to buy a furniture. So make sure you consider that.

  • Poor position of Photographs:

Your living area is thoughtfully organized and decorated right? But do place the frames or painting without giving it a thought?

If so then you are on mistake. Place photographs on 153cm from floor level to the center of the image.

  • Choosing the Perfect Curtains:

Drapes give the final touch to your living room. They should be appropriately hung so the room ceiling does look higher and your entire living room larger. Choose a saturated curtain color and you also can buy quality Blinds in Dubai to add to your convenience.

  • Old-Dated Furniture Covers:

Still using that old furniture covers? Get rid of those and buy the ones that follows the emerging trend.

  • Placement of Sofas:

Sofas are the integral part of the living room. So buying a perfect size of sofas is not only what you should consider, in fact placing it at the right corner is also what you need to do.

  • Location of Television:

The best place for locating your television is a blank wall. Don’t place your TV somewhere towards window in fact place it all blank wall and at a good distance from sofa.

  • Choosing the Right Cushions:

It might seem to you an insignificant part but it equally important to choose the right and cozy cushions. Think thoroughly regarding the fabric, texture and material of sofa cushions.

  • Right Lightening for the Living Room:

Would you want to spoil the mood of your guests with a bad lightening? Lightening is a crucial aspect of an atmosphere. Choose the right ones.

  • Poor Rug:

One of the major blunder in living room is choosing a poor sized rug. Choose the right sized rug.

Final Thoughts: You can simply implement on these tips in order to avoid the major blunders while renovating your living room. We Hope your renovation process be a success!

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