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Why Customer Privacy is Most Significant & How Can We Achieve It Through Number Masking?

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We all have a soft corner in our hearts for delicious, lip-smacking food, and we must have at least once used some or another online food delivery service! What would you do if one fine morning you wake up and find inappropriate texts from the guy that delivered food to your doorstep a couple of days ago? 

Your first reaction might be to block the number or maybe share your plight on social media platforms! You’ll be shocked to see numerous others flocking in to share similar experiences. Yes, misuse of personal information is more common than you may have imagined. 

Though you may find solace by sharing your story, what does such an incident do to the business? When you fail to protect your customers as a service provider, you pay the penalty for unauthorised data disclosure, which is undoubtedly the best-case scenario. Then, what might be the worst-case scenario? 

The whole incident can make an angry mob of customers voice their resentment and annoyance online, causing lasting damage to your brand image and thus to your revenue and growth as well.

This is why customer privacy holds the utmost significance for any business!

Thus, protecting your customers’ privacy and anonymity is no longer a luxury for you but a necessity. To ensure that the customers who invest their precious time and money in your business have enough trust in you, you must keep a secure set up to protect the data. One such way is number masking and call masking. 

What is Number Masking and Call Masking?

Number masking is a technology to protect the customer’s and the seller’s phone number. It creates a virtual phone number that gets flashed on the screen during a phone call or even texting. It is designed to address consumers’ need for privacy, offering them a great experience without jeopardising security. 

It acts as a bridge, connecting two parties to safeguard their private information. In simpler terms, it permits two-way communication between buyers and sellers or customers and delivery service staff without exposing their numbers. Similarly, call masking helps e-commerce businesses protect customer and business phone numbers. It employs a substitute phone number for each party, enabling them to communicate privately during a given time.

What are the benefits of Call Masking and Number Masking?

Call masking renders several benefits to your business:

  • Privacy and security
  • Superior customer experiences
  • Communication management
  • Automation

How does Number Masking or Call Masking Work?

You can connect two parties without them knowing each other’s phone numbers by masking or hiding their numbers through a call masking API software.

For instance, the sender calls the number 666-666-6666, which then routes through the masking software. The routing forwards the call to the recipient at 888-888-8888. But, the recipient does not see the sender’s number; instead, they see another masked number, let’s say 444-444-4444. Also, if the call gets disconnected, they can call this number and connect with the original sender. Call masking thus protects your contact information from falling into the wrong hands. 

The pandemic has made the world go digital, and with this change, it becomes far too risky for you to neglect customer privacy! And one can not emphasise enough that customer experience will become more and more critical for a business to flourish. By now, we have understood that ramping up our security is the way to go. Ensure that your customers know that they can rely on you.

Encourage their trust!

Boost their loyalty!

And enhance your profits!

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