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8 Reasons Why WhatsApp Business API is Beneficial for Your Business

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You come across countless people in your daily life, and it would be challenging to find anybody who does not use Whatsapp. With over two billion global users, WhatsApp has become a household name and barely needs an introduction now. But very few people know that apart from sharing media files and staying connected with your loved ones, there’s a version of WhatsApp for corporate marketing purposes: the WhatsApp Business API for Developers. It is a business to customer messaging channel that focuses on delivering real-time, high-value messages. Its outstanding features help companies to manage customer inquiries and messages semi-automatically. As the number of companies offering their services over WhatsApp increases every day, more brands embrace this means of communication and welcome it with open arms. 

Below are eight reasons why WhatsApp Business Solution is beneficial for your Business:

Private and secure platform

End-to-end encryption, which guards the privacy of customers, is one of WhatsApp’s remarkable features. For instance, if you are a leading online recruitment company that wants to hire a candidate worldwide, conducting a safe and secure conversation with the candidates is crucial. You can achieve this by shifting to WhatsApp Business API and generate automated job notification alerts with new job openings for professionals.

Boost conversion rates

WhatsApp chat enables you to give real-time responses more quickly and conveniently. The boost in conversion rates further depends on how you amaze your customers with a live chat experience. For instance, if a customer wants further information about a product, a Call-to-Action button feature can help to directly connect with your customer agent to understand or make an agreeable decision.

Customers are already using the app.

There are numerous WhatsApp users, so there is a substantial potential for businesses to opt for WhatsApp Business API and proactively engage with their customers. Being on WhatsApp presents you with an excellent opportunity to get your business on a platform that your customers & prospects are already using.

Easy and accessible

WhatsApp makes it easier for companies to get in touch with their customers and vice versa as it makes the business highly available. End-users do not have to download any other app or wait in long queues to reach the customer service agent.

Insights for better planning

WhatsApp Business Accounts has a feature that presents diverse analytics of each customer, making it possible for you to gain valuable customer behavioural insights by tracking the delivery report of each message sent.

Enhance visibility & expand market reach

If your brand is local and wants to have its presence in multiple countries, investing in WhatsApp API for Business will help you have a presence in the untapped markets. International customers can opt-in and start interacting with your business no matter what their location is. If you have the proper logistics and infrastructure, you can scale your business and presence in multiple countries using WhatsApp Business API.

Increase cost-effectiveness

WhatsApp Chatbot is cost-effective as it improves efficiency by handling multiple conversations simultaneously and in real-time. It can take more than 40% of the customer queries with intelligent chatbots, thus making it a scalable proposition. Therefore, companies can save a considerable amount of cost by having a few agents serve the same customers. 

Increase in cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

By engaging your customers with the WhatsApp chatbot, businesses can personalise their communication to achieve customer delight. The information gained through real-time conversations can help to increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. 

Customer engagement is the breakthrough for every business. So, to get your messages seen, you need to combine your conversation skills with a valuable source, like WhatsApp Business API. But, managing it is not as easy as it seems. It is always more beneficial to partner with a service provider that has the expertise and is trusted. One such provider is mTalkz. They help their users to do automated and manual interactions with their customers. mTalkz enables to send real-time alerts and notifications while offering a support service that is available 24*7 hours. Setting up their WhatsApp business account is pretty easy. Explore WhatsApp business API Pricing now.

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