September 28, 2021

What Are MCB’s And RCCB’s? What’s The Difference Between Them?

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The electrical distribution board makes for one of the most crucial elements for any electrical fitting in a house, office or any building. If you ever wondered where does the electricity gets powered through, then you have to understand the mechanism of distribution boards. Contact

It comprises various other elements like contact breakers, earth leakage units, doorbells, and timers. The primary function of the distribution board is to make sure that the electrical power is distributed all over the building in equal quantity. Since it is in charge of power transmission, it is essential to make sure you select the right one for yourself.

Distribution boards are versatile. They are often purchased as empty enclosures and later on, according to one’s needs, are wired and specially manufactured. You can also have the board separate for different parts of your building. So you could be using one electrical panel for your gym and pool area and other for your residential or living area.

As long as each board is being controlled by the switch disconnector, you can have separate ones depending on your electrical requirements.

They serve an essential purpose and cannot be ignored at any cost. This electronic device can help you prevent hazards like short-circuit or currents. Hence, while choosing a board for your building, make sure you know the various types of distribution boards before opting for one.

The technical, as well as the structural aspects of the board, may vary from country to country and requirement to requirement. But a typical general board system includes a bus bar, fuse links, switches, bypass equipment and residual current detector (RSD).

Types of Electrical Distribution Board

Fuse Boxes

Fuse box is the consumer unit where all the power gets controlled from. It also aids in the distribution of electric power.

In the event of an electrical hazard or emergency, it is vital to know where the fuse box is located. You should find it with ease and turn it off to make matters worse.

It contains three elements- main switch, circuit breakers and residual current device.

Main Breaker Panels

This is one of the most common electrical distribution boards used. The main breaker panel helps in protecting the circuit and checks on the panels amperage capacity. They also protect the circuit from getting overheated from all the high-voltage power coming through. Three wires along each circuit connect it.

Owing to its system, this electrical device can cut the power of the entire house, including the circuit breakers.

Main Lug Panel

They are mostly used as distribution boards when there is a main breaker upstream. Line wires pass through these panels and can be used as a sub-panel when connected with a breaker to the main panel.

During emergencies, there is a disconnection at the meter, and power cut takes place without it entering the house.


They are best for homes as they are comfortable and safe to install. They also work quite efficiently. They are smaller and help in distributing power to specific parts of your house or area. They specialise as satellite circuit breaker panels and are convenient to the place where it is supposed to function.

They, however, do not have disconnects.

Transfer Switches

A transfer switch moves from two electrical sources. It is a kind of sun panel. They are best used as backup power generators wherein they convert the generator power into electrical power through the breaker panel.

The whole concept of doing this is to ensure the best of both- the best quality connection that gives seamless power of power and best safety as well.

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