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How to buy products on Amazon and bring them to Chile at the best price?

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Step 1: We look for the product we want.

Ufff, how to choose? There are millions of products that we can bring. I’m a fan of the Hurley clothing brand (as seen in the photo, I look like a promoter of the brand …). In Chile they sell it, but it is very expensive and there is little variety. For this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to fetch a Hurley jacket from amazon.com.

The first step is to go to www.amazon.com.

Then we are going to change our location, since the page will identify that we are in Chile and will only show us the limited offer that Amazon has to ship directly to Chile.

For this, we are going to go to the upper left corner (under the Amazon logo), where it says “Send to” and we are going to select it.

A box will open where you have to put a zip code from any part of the United States so that the search engine understands that we are there and shows us all the products. I leave here the zip code 33010 which is from Miami

Once we enter it, we select the “Apply” button and begin the search.

To do this, we are going to go to the search engine and we will put what we want to buy. In this case I will put ” Hurley jacket “. We can write it in Spanish or English as the site translates it only. We select the magnifying glass or press enter.

The store will show us all the available results in order from most to least relevant. The products have charming photos as they are uploaded on amazon by taking into consideration specific amazon image requirements.

On the left side we can filter the results by the following criteria:

Prime: It will show those products that have the Prime shipping option. Amazon Prime is a subscription that has multiple benefits. One of them is the option of free 2-day or 1-day shipping for a lower rate. All products with the “Prime” logo allow the use of the service, so it can be delivered in 2 days for free. The Prime subscription costs $ 12.99 per month or $ 119 per year. If your account is new, you can use it for 30 days for free. You can subscribe and disconnect it before the end of the 30 days if you are not interested in using it any longer.

Department: It is the category to which the products belong. In this case I will select “Jackets and coats for men” so that I leave out clothes of any other style that I am not looking for.

Average customer opinion: We can filter if we only want to see products that have ratings and that these are from a certain score upwards. If the product has 1 star it is because it has bad ratings, if it has 5 it is because they are excellent. For this particular case, I will not use the filter as I am familiar with the brand and I know they give good service.

Brand: We can filter by brand of the products. In this case, the entire range of jackets is Hurley brand so this step will not be necessary.

International Shipping: If we check this option, it will show us only products that can be sent abroad. For this type of purchase I will not mark it as I want to see the entire range of available products.

Status: We can select “New” if we only want to see new products or “Used” if we want to see used. In this case I will select “New” because I want my jacket to be new 😬.

Once we select all the filters, we focus on the available products. This was the jacket that I liked the most.

I’m going to select it to see the details:

The first thing we are going to see is the value of the product. If a price range appears, it is because there is some characteristic of the product that you must select before showing you the final price. In this case, when I selected the color and size, he gave me the amount to pay.

Below we can see other details of the product, such as its characteristics, accessories, weight, size, etc.

Step 2: we buy the product

Now that we have the product, we are going to buy it. For this we are going to select the “Buy now” button. If you want to make other purchases, you can add it to the shopping cart and finish the process later.

The page will ask us for an account to make the purchase. If you don’t have one, you can create it for free.

Shipping Address

The first thing the page will ask us for is the address where we will send the product. If we are sending it to a friend, family member or using the transport system of Share My Suitcase, we will have to enter the data of who is going to receive our purchase. If we are going to use a box in Miami, we will put the address that the box provides us to make the shipment.

In this case, we are going to use the Share My Suitcase service, where they provide us with a traveler who will be traveling from the United States to Chile to bring us our purchase. This system is the most convenient in case we want to have the product in a short time (4-5 days) or when the total value of the products to bring exceeds USD 40 – 50. To obtain the address of the traveler, we quote with them at compartomimaleta.com . We also have a tutorial where we explain step by step how to use I Share My Suitcase .

If the products are cheaper, the easiest thing is to use Amazon’s direct shipping service (if available) or a box.

We enter the address here:

Once we save it, the taxes to be paid will be updated. This occurs because, unlike in Chile where prices already have VAT included, in the United States prices vary because each state has different tax rates. Therefore, when you enter the address, the tax to be paid will be calculated depending on where you are sending the purchase. I invite you to read ” Save: 5 ideal states to go shopping, because they do not have sales tax ” where you can see which states do not charge VAT.

* Keep in mind that VAT varies by type of product, so, for example, Florida may have a very low rate for clothing, but a very high rate for technology. In my case the product does not have VAT.

Payment method

Amazon only accepts credit cards in Chile, although the “debit” option does not allow you to make the payment because it does not accept this type of Chilean card. For this, we select the button “Add a credit or debit card”

A window like the following one will open where we will write all the data of our card and then the button “Add your card”.

You must take something into account regarding the payment method: Amazon and other stores offer to pay both in pesos and in dollars. The problem is that in Chile the bank will take this transaction as international and will charge it in dollars anyway. This means that the purchase will be much more expensive, since Amazon will convert your purchase from dollars to pesos with a commission (at a dollar higher than the official one) and then the bank will take the pesos that are more expensive and pass them on to dollars again, that is, you will end up paying more than what is due. That is why you should always select that your card is in dollars.


We come to the last step, where we will see the summary of what was purchased and we can choose between several shipping options. As I am testing the Prime service, they offer me to deliver it in 2 business days for free or in 1 more week. Here you must choose the option that best suits your times. I will choose expedited shipping and select “Checkout”.

We have finished our first purchase on Amazon.com! 👏👏👏.

Later we will be able to follow up the shipment and we will receive notifications via email in case of any eventuality.

I hope you have made it very clear how to buy. I know that once you do, you won’t be able to stop 🤪. Any question you have, please don’t hesitate to write me 👇 and I’ll be happy to help you.

Of course, I recommend you bring your purchases with compartomimaleta.com  where we can assist you with any doubt or inconvenience and you can have your purchases quickly, safely, with good rates and from any store in the world. We will be waiting for you!

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