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Top 5 e-learning Platforms to Advance Your Career

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Taking control of what anyone wants to learn and build their career is one of the best decisions one could make. E-learning has evolved over the past years and its advantages outweigh the traditional methods in terms of cost and study techniques. The comfort from the home is quite tempting to avoid getting up and commute long distances. Traditional learning is boring and eats away at hard-earned money more as compared to online learning. 

There has been a drastic rise in the enrollment of students due to its expressive appeal and websites are working round the clock to ensure a first-class plan to help its students. Availability of cheap data and smartphones is also a major factor that has been driving people to enrol in online courses to advance their career. The job market is extremely challenging and non-availability of time is another reason for increasing the numbers. With the number of people consuming data, Google has itself launched many free courses that anyone can access and gain knowledge. With free time at hand, salaried persons are also searching for courses to strengthen their portfolio.

There are unlimited courses from every field and some are not even available locally. With the power of the internet, the geological demarcations have faded away. From Data Scientist to government exams, it has all covered!

Make My Career

Earning its reputation as one of the best online learning platforms, it offers the well-structured material for government exams. The students get a chance to learn from the best academic teachers from the comfort of home. It offers IIT/medical, defence and SSC and PO exams. Moreover, it has personal & skill development under its kitty! If someone is looking for the online gate coaching to personality development classes online. This is the site to go to! Every course is meticulously designed to cater to students’ needs such as topic wise pdf notes, online unit and mock test to help prepare better. This way the students can also analyse their progress. With more than 100 video lectures given by experienced faculty, this is gaining popularity these days. This is the only platform that has Hindi lectures for CTET to reach the wider masses in India.


Positioned itself as one of the best online learning platforms, it has more than 15000 classes divided into Create, Build and Thrive. As the name suggests, in Create there is music, creative writing, photography, graphic designing, animation and web development. Build is related to business, analytics, leadership, marketing and entrepreneurs. The last, Thrive consists of lifestyle and productivity. The platforms believe in experiential learning through projects. It’s a great opportunity for teachers as the top-level teachers are quite handsomely paid. The course videos are 10-25 minute long. It offers 2 months of free trial. This has earned its reputation in the market


Taught by the top educators from universities such as Princeton, Yale and Stanford; Coursera offers web-based certification programs. The best part is that the courses are in many languages such as Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, German, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese and French. Each course is designed for 4-6 weeks and revolves around various topics such as IT, Computer science, Art & Humanities, Business, Health and personal development. With video lectures, reading materials, projects, quizzes and assignments. The price range varies from $29 to $99. The certificates add a whole lot of value to these courses. If anyone wants to have an online certificate from these reputed colleges at less cost. This could be the go-to choice for many. The on-campus programs charge a humongous fee. The top-notch colleges and availability in different languages are its major selling points, attracting students from all over the world. 

It provides an excellent opportunity for the people who wanted to learn from the Ivy leagues. 


Renowned for providing more than 1,00,000 courses, this platform offers affordable courses. The motive is to provide education for everyone. The seeker has to buy every course and of the course doesn’t look good enough. One can get a refund within 30 days. The courses are very cheap and can help people advance in their career. Similar to Coursera, it offers courses in different languages, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese. Moreover, one can download the course and can watch it offline at one’s convenience. It also offers great teaching opportunities for anyone who wants to venture into teaching. 


This is a tad different from the other platforms. Here the courses are not only taught by the renowned experts but celebrities as well. Interested candidates can learn acting from Natalie Portman and writing from none other than Dan Brown. Every course has 20 lessons of about 10 minutes. The course includes High definition video lessons, workbooks and assignments. The categories are Sports & games, Culinary Arts, Lifestyle & Science, Photography, Film &TV, Music & Entertainment. There are various best things about this platform such as there is no deadline rushing the candidate into completing the course. They can learn at their speed. Furthermore, videos can be downloaded offline. The fee is $15 getting access to unlimited classes.  

It’s more suitable for the seeks who are more inclined to brush up their creative side and personal development. There would be no certificate of completion. This might send people away though!

These platforms have been carefully chosen based on what they offer. They have got everything that candidates might need to enhance their skill sets. These not only pave the way for them in clearing exams but focus on personality development too. Given the current scenario, candidates are more inclined towards clearing government exams due to job security that is unstable in the private sector. Thousands of students apply for Bank PO exams every year and they want the best online coaching for SBI PO

There are other websites offering similar new courses offering a wide array of courses. As per the experts, in a few years the online teaching will surpass the traditional teaching in terms of enrollment.  

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