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Throwing a Housewarming Party in Your New Home

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Many people shift their homes during winters. No one wants to sweat and deal with the packing and moving in the heat. Due to this reason, a large chunk of the luxury apartments in Mumbai for sale are getting such a massive response as people plan to move to their new abode during the cold.

Also, winter parties are pretty cool, aren’t they? After moving, you can have a housewarming party – a party that you throw for YOU. After all, you deserve to relax, have food, and meet new people after the stressful move.

Here are a few tips for you to plan the best housewarming party for yourself:

Take Some Time

First of all, see that you give yourself enough time. You don’t have to throw a party right away. Wait till you are ready to host friends/family or new neighbors. 

Moving and then setting up a new home takes a lot of time. It is both physically and mentally exhausting. It is perfectly normal to take a couple of weeks or even a month until you feel that you are ready to throw a housewarming party.

Until then, you will be able to unpack most of your belongings, set the kitchen and the living room, and get comfortable in your new place.

Who and When to Invite

Again, it is totally up to you. Since it is your home, and you have just moved in, you get to create the rules. You could have a party at 7 p.m. or you could give the people a time frame of 1-4 p.m. This would have a more open house vibe. Also, it could work out perfectly for you, if you don’t like large crowds or think that your space is too small to host everyone.

Another thing that you can do is host more than one party. For example, the one for your family and friends could be a more casual affair. Lunch or dinner, maybe? As for the new neighbors, you can arrange something else like a tea party.

Planning the Menu

Food – The most important part of the party. You would need to decide the kind of food you plan to serve. Also, the type of food shall depend on the timings as well. For example, if the timings are for late afternoon or early evening, they might be expecting a proper dinner. You could provide the entire meal yourself, make your party a potluck, or ask the guests to bring a dish as well.

If the timings of your housewarming party are between meals, you can go with light appetizers and snack items such as crackers, sandwiches, finger food, chips, and dip, etc. They are easy to put together and light on your pocket. Basically, the simpler the food, the lesser the hassle.

Deciding Drinks

No matter you are having adults over or families, you should always have a variety of drinks available. Not everyone drinks, so keep it low on alcoholic beverages. Keep more of punch, sodas, and water.

Cups and Plates

For the easiest housewarming property, stick with cups, paper plates, and napkins. This would save both your time and energy in cleaning up. However, it would lead to a lot of trash. You can also use your own cups and plates or use plastic ones. Even though it would take some time to wash the dishes, you are going to save money!

Create a Welcoming Environment

If you work on your home exuding a warm and welcoming tone, it would make the new people feel at home and have a good time. The best way to do that in your new home is ensuring that there is music in the background. Not too loud, or too low. It should fill in any breaks in the conversation, that is a natural part of people meeting for the first time.

Setting Up the Main Area

The goal of a housewarming party is to meet new neighbors and get to know them. So, you want to set up an area of the house where you can host them comfortably. Also, the area should not be too far from the food and drinks nor too close. Compared to super luxury flats, there is limited choice when it comes to 2 BHK flats in Mumbai. So, choose it wisely.

If you have a balcony and a cookout, you can place some patio furniture and a lawn chair. The living room is the best place to host the party. Moreover, decide where you are going to direct the guests once they enter through the front door. See that you put the drinks and food in separate areas so there isn’t much crowding.

Also, make sure that the main area is presentable for the guests. It is alright if some boxes are still unpacked. Put them in some other room or stack them in a corner. No one is going to blame you.

With these helpful tips, you are so ready to have that housewarming party of yours. Good luck!

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