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Marketing Techniques You Should Use in 2021

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2020 has been an eventful year that has changed the status quo. Apart from all the other events that happened, the field of digital marketing has witnessed a revolutionary change. Following the recent turn of events that rendered people inside their homes and relying on the online market, digital marketers had a lot to do. This sped things up for search engines, social platforms and all businesses that had to reach out to their target audiences online. It was truly the point where Bill Gates’ quote about an offline business inevitably going out of business became undeniable. Countless companies that once refused the idea of going online now had no choice but to hire a digital marketing agency.

Now, the year has gone and 2021 is almost here. For those who want to try out something new and hegemonize the market, here are a few techniques you should try:

Social SEO:

Throughout the past few years, there’s always been a question in the minds of digital marketers. Does Google factor in social platform links as credible and legitimate backlinks? Even though the clear answer to this has been no, logic and evidence suggest that although they’re not ‘backlinks’ for search engines, they’re still legitimate endorsements that are important for branding. Even if search engines don’t consider them as ranking factors in their algorithm, they’re still significant opportunities for marketing and promotion.

Furthermore, the fact that social platforms have almost the whole world occupied and engaged for more time than any search engine is noteworthy.


Social media management was picking up the trend even before this past year but it has now become one of the most important jobs in the market. You need someone to manage your business’ social media page in order to engage and reach out to potential audiences online. Social platforms have a lot of users and features that allow you to specify and reach out to specific audiences. Facebook groups, Twitter trends, Quora communities and more are common places to engage with new audiences. Moreover, the advertising feature offered by many social platforms is very influential in generating leads and converting viewers.

A lot of companies are also getting social media influencers to endorse their products as it seems to be doing them a huge favour. If you think about it, it’s actually way better to have an actual person endorse your product in detail rather than a brochure or ad campaign.

PPC Targeting:

Search engine advertisements are picking up the trend and as a result, the market competition is getting tougher by the minute. CPC rates are going up for almost every keyword in all niches and industries. People who don’t have the time to wait for organic results are going for paid campaigns that can bring in immediate and credible results. Companies are preferring lead generation PPC campaigns on several platforms to target audiences of their choosing. The fact that you can narrow down and specify various distinctions for your targeted audience appeals to marketers.

Content Production:

If you’re thinking of reaching out to people online, you need to make sure that your content is top-notch. There’s no denying the fact that search engines, as well as users, value good content that satisfies the user’s search intent. However, even if the content you’re posting is of great quality, plain text will only engage some users for a limited time. Ultimately, everyone gets bored of reading. To avoid monotony and dull content, it’s recommended that you try out multimedia to engage users. The use of video content as well as infographics is gaining popularity among users along with search engines. Moreover, if you’re thinking of targeting audiences on social sites, you need good graphical content.  

If you’re going for SEO Dubai, you need to produce content that is not only engaging and interactive but is also useful for the users. Satisfying search intents such as transactional or informational ones is key to establishing credibility and authority. Obviously, the longer the user stays to read your content, the better the search engine will rank your website.

Creative Design:  

Lastly, you need to make sure that your online presence represents creativity and vision. You need to appear as a respectable yet sophisticated and contemporary brand that keeps up with the latest designs. Your website, social media page, landing pages for PPC campaigns and anything that represents your business identity needs to be well-designed. This is important especially for businesses that have a great reputation and are well-established. If they don’t keep up with the latest digital tactics, they’re bound to face demise in their online statistics. The competition that is in line with modern designs will obviously attract more users and since everyone wants a free market, you need to maintain your position on top.

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