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Single door vs. double door refrigerator: Which is better?

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Are you looking for a better option between a single vs. double door refrigerator? Don’t worry! You are not the only one who is confused about this. Numerous people across the world try to search for a perfect refrigerator but end up with the wrong one. However, we are bringing this initiative to enrich your mind with the basic knowledge of the single and double door refrigerators. Most of the people know the very fundamental fact that the single door refrigerator contains one door and double door refrigerator has two-door.

 Very few people have the technical information about both these refrigerators. However, picking a product that is going to be a part of your home for several years should merely not a guess. You must know enough things about the refrigerator to consider it for buying. People often think about latest double door fridge better than the single door. However, one should always buy according to their utility. Let us look at some points about both the kinds of refrigerators:

1. Capacity of the refrigerator:

The capacity of the refrigerator will be more in a double-door fridge. However, you can get a similar capacity refrigerator around 235L capacity. If you are thinking of that, we would advise you to go for a double door. As it is the newer innovation, it allows you to operate the compartments separately without affecting the cooling capacity of another compartment.

2. Power consumption:

The power consumption of a double door refrigerator is higher than the single door. The time for recooling in the double door refrigerator is also more due to the large surface area. However, choosing the appropriate star rating will reduce the energy consumption of a double door refrigerator. However, it will never be as less as a single door fridge.

3. Significance of the door:

The presence of two doors enable you to use them when needed. However, in the case of a single door refrigerator, you do not have a choice. It invariably affects the cooling of the refrigerator too.

4. How to clean?

The single door refrigerator will require manual cleaning. You need to take out time to clean it every week. Otherwise, there will be a build-up of frost inside it, and you will not be able to store things properly. But, a double door refrigerator has auto frost cleaning. It liquifies the frost for automatic cleaning.

5. Cooling technology:

The natural convection present in the single door refrigerators allows direct cooling technology to operate. A double door refrigerator has electric fans for frost-free technology.

6. Price difference:

Single door refrigerators are ideal for budget-restricted families. They are functional and affordable. However, you need to set a higher budget for a double door refrigerator.

7. Space & accommodation:

You can store more things inside a double door refrigerator with proper gapping. However, it requires a larger space in your kitchen in contrast to a single door refrigerator.


We hope that you have reached a firm conclusion about which refrigerator to select out of these two. Thanks for reading!

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