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Should you trust on Astrology and belief in it?

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People who do not know themselves (before they are familiar with the astrological interpretation of their natal chart) are a bit like children who do not understand what is happening around them and are constantly surprised by asking questions like: why did this happen to me? why am i unlucky why is he / she like this? Will it ever be better in my life? and will I ever get married? Will I ever be happy? A vastu expert in Ludhiana who knows astrology and / or who is well acquainted with his / her natal chart, no longer asks such questions, not because he knows the answers to them, but because these questions do not bother him anymore. 

Astrology in Medieval Time

For an astrologer in ancient and medieval times, man was dependent on his reflexes and emotional disposition. Decisions were made on the basis of impulses, instincts and habits, and no action was considered better than any action. Nowadays, great importance is attached to conscious processes. Consciousness is what shapes as intellectual and emotional development Consciousness allows to choose – in this case it does not matter what we choose. Moreover, it gives us a glimpse of the prospects to come (and not fate as interpreted in the past). For these reasons, astrology is a useful science.

Astrology for understand yourself better

Astrology can be expected to help everyone to get to know themselves and their loved ones better, and thus to understand them better. It will also facilitate the use of one’s own abilities and help to better manage one’s child – avoiding sometimes pitiful mistakes and mistakes, and if possible, use the educational methods most compatible with his temperament. A person who seeks the advice of the best astrologer in Ludhiana Punjab before entering into a marriage to better understand his own complexes or emotional problems and his partner’s emotional problems will undoubtedly gain valuable knowledge that a frustrated Capricorn needs more affection than others, and that living Gemini doesn’t like making plans for the future.

How an Astrologer observes the person?

In many things for example, an astrologer will not say if someone will learn a foreign language. Rather, it will say how to learn to master the language. Therefore, the horoscope tells about the possibilities, our potentials, talents, predispositions, as well as about threats and what to avoid. Contrary to appearances, astrology does not take away your free will. On the contrary, it teaches how to use this free will. Yes, this freedom is restricted by a certain scope, or more precisely, by determinism, because in fact we are conditioned by various factors – biological, genetic, social, as well as stellar. In the light of astrology, each person has their own path, different, and unique. 

After all, each horoscope is different. With a few exceptions, no two horoscopes are alike, just as no two people are alike. Therefore, everyone has their own fate, their own equipment with which they were born, and the astrologer is able to extract, describe and specify them. Even if the horoscope has difficult configurations, for example, about the adventures of love, at the same time they contain information on how to proceed to overcome these obstacles so that they constitute a lesson from which we can learn something, not just they signified a series of painful experiences of which little is derived beyond suffering and misfortune. In other words, the horoscope can help us live better, more effectively and consciously.

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