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Power Your e-Commerce Business With Cloud Based IVR System Integration

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IVR System – Every business, regardless of size, has included Digital Revolution in its growth strategy in the last few years. But 2020 shook things up – and not in a good way, especially because these organisations had to ensure a swift transition and expedite their transformation plans in order to be ready for the New Normal. And, as businesses scrambled to change strategies and rethink their plans to work remotely, their customers were caught off guard, trying to communicate using their preferred channels. It was clear that businesses must innovate and create digitised solutions to exceed customer expectations and improve experiences in order to survive these turbulent times, which may or may not be the new normal. Enhancing customer experience is one of the major goals of businesses in order to survive in the long run, and that is when IVR solutions come into the picture. IVR (interactive voice response) is capable of much more than simply deflecting calls. IVR Services may be a valuable tool for businesses of all types throughout the client lifecycle. Retailers are implementing IVR systems as part of a wider customisation and engagement strategy to promote consumer trust and grow the share of wallet in sales, service, and marketing.

What is an IVR Solution and how does it work?

IVR services are based on a tool that is useful for directing calls to the concerned person. Customers can be guided through a sequence of options and selections by the IVR, which will direct them to the appropriate department. When they do connect to a human voice, it will be someone who is prepared to deal with their concerns. 

Following user input, the IVR system’s responses are played back. These answers can be pre-recorded audio clips or digitally created voices, and they can automatically help, direct, and redirect calls based on user input.

Benefits of using IVR Services

Better Customer Service

Without customers, no business can survive. As a result, providing a positive customer experience is critical. Customers also feel better about themselves when they use Interactive Voice Response systems. IVR systems make sure that if a customer has a common query, it can be answered rapidly. A successful IVR flow provides customers with informed and time-saving responses by guiding them through an understandable menu to the division that can best address their needs.

Unlimited Customer access

Customers can call your contact centre at any time and communicate with your IVR systems, even if it is outside of work hours.

This means that a consumer can get an all-time assistant. While having a live professional available for more complicated support queries is still necessary, IVR services provide unrestricted access to a basic concept of customer assistance.

More Personalization

IVR systems provide for a great deal of customisation, resulting in a better client relationship. Personalised greetings for recognized callers can be set into each IVR system. You can also record any customised greeting you like and add the necessary prompts when transferring callers to the department concerned.

There are so many more benefits that can be added to the above list, so if you wish to thrive in the market and build an image that is trusted and marks satisfaction in the eyes of customers then IVR solutions is what you need to power up your world of e-commerce. To strengthen your e-commerce business with the help of a cloud-based IVR system connect to mTalkz as they offer full-fledged solutions for a better customer experience. To know more about their services you can visit their official website. mtalkz is the #1 rated IVR Service provider in India offering IVR software with IVR Inbound and IVR outbound services.

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