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Mtalkz Integrates with Shopify to Provide SMS Marketing Automation

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Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform enabling businesses to create a customized gateway to their business, including website, payment, inventory, and shipping management tools. It includes everything one needs to launch a digital asset and a virtual company. When you start selling virtually, you need to set up a storefront, display items, interact with consumers, process payments, etc. Shopify holds all of the tools you need to keep track of all such tasks.

Shopify is rapidly growing, and the platform is used by both B2C and B2B companies to display and market their products. Companies that use Shopify can market their products through email marketingmarketing automation, customer groups and business chat. However, this was not enough. Shopify required full integration with other business applications to provide a comprehensive range of business services and customer features. 

Mtalkz integration with Shopify enables all its merchants to trigger event-driven marketing for their end customers. Shopify customers and merchants can now connect to all marketing data, send different messaging and alerts to shoppers, review comprehensive reports in real-time.

Mtalk’s integration provides a robust bulk SMS Gateway for improving and automating customer notifications. These notifications include, but are not limited to welcome messages, automated order confirmation, cancellation and refund process, cart reminders, product preferences, pushing customer actions into reports for better customer insights and decisions. Receiving notifications of new orders improves the response rate of merchants.

Sending automated SMS notifications to customers on order status changes improves customer satisfaction.

The codeless integration offers a quick and seamless way to boost customer experience. Once can go live in an instant. Shopify platform gets really easy to reach out to target audience with message personalisation, which goes a long way in sustaining healthy customer relationships.

Benefits of integrating Mtalkz platform with Shopify – 

Better Customer Engagement 

Integration increases communication options by offering several events to connect with customers through SMS. With quick and efficient reminder service, it’s become easier to inform customers through the most ubiquitous medium. Merchants can access all customer records, such as getting a custom quote, requesting a refund, reordering in bulk and more. Such irresistible services help to deliver outstanding customer engagement. 

Improved Customer Service

With the help of a cloud-based communication service provider – Mtalkz, automated responses can be set up, leading to time-saving and easy resolution of the customers’ queries. It has been proved that improving customer service experience increases retention, satisfaction, and revenue. 

Personalise Conversations

Personalisation is crucial to the success of any marketing effort. Setting up templates and customising an SMS each time you press send is simple and quick. Customers adore personalisation and are willing to share information to enjoy it –  72% of the consumers are more likely to respond to a message tailored specifically to them than generic or irrelevant messages.

Instant Impact

Unlike emails, which can take days to be read, SMS takes only about 7 seconds to reach the receiver with a communication service provider. So, feel confident and rest assured that your information is delivered – and is delivered quickly.

What to Expect?

Cloud-based CPaaS has become progressively significant in providing customer communications to various business sectors. In an era, where customer agility is more crucial than ever, they’re creating opportunities to respond quickly to customer-based engagements, promoting productivity, flexibility, and mobility. If your company is willing to succeed in these rapidly changing surroundings, you must consider upgrading to cloud-based technology and take advantage of the benefits it provides like scalability, collaboration, efficiency, access to automatic updates, etc.  

About Mtalkz 

Mtalkz is a cloud-enabled messaging provider for Startups and growth driven businesses. Mtalkz offers B2B owners the flexibility to connect with their customers across multiple mobile channels using a single API and create conversations that engage. Mtalkz integrates with world-class softwares, industry leading CRMs and E-commerce platforms to bring the capabilities of bulk messaging and sms gateway to their customers in a snap. Mtalkz has a comprehensive product portfolio that includes an easy-to-use omni-channel messaging API.

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