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Pelvic Floor Therapy & Why Do You Need It?

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With time, your muscles lose their strength and you start feeling overall pain. This is particularly true for pelvic muscles as most people start complaining of pain in their pelvic region, some even experience difficulty in controlling their urine.

To cater to these issues, doctors, especially physical therapists, recommend pelvic floor therapy. With this therapy, one can address multiple issues such as back pain, constipation, painful urination, pelvic area pains, muscular spasm.

Today we’re going to discuss pelvic floor therapy in detail and ways in which it can benefit your body.   

What is Pelvic Floor Therapy?

Pelvic floor therapy focuses on targeting the muscles of the pelvic region. It focuses on the ligaments, connective tissues and muscles that play a role in making the pelvic organ’s function and movement pain-free. The therapy usually consists of exercises that strengthen the muscles in the pelvic region, making the stiff muscles relax and helps in enhancing the coordination of muscles.  

Do I Need Pelvic Floor Therapy?

Pelvic floor therapy is usually recommended for people who have weak pelvic muscles. Both men and women can opt for pelvic floor therapy to strengthen their pelvic muscles. Therefore, if you’re experiencing vaginal prolapse, issues with bowel and bladder movement, back pain, urine control issues, you should go for pelvic floor therapy.

Ways in Which Pelvic Floor Therapy Can Help You

You must be wondering how pelvic floor therapy can help you in reducing the pain that you’ve been going through. Under the guidance of an experienced physical therapist, pelvic floor therapy can do wonders for you and for your convenience we’re going to discuss some benefits of pelvic floor therapy.

For Treating Postpartum Weaknesses

Pelvic floor therapy is most widely used by women who have given birth. Giving birth causes pressure on your vaginal canal that can stretch and in some cases tear, pelvic muscles. Thus, pelvic pains are quite common after delivery and this indirectly leads to other issues like losing control over your bladder, lower back pain, painful passing of stool etc. However, through pelvic floor therapy, you can easily overcome these issues by strengthening and tightening your pelvic muscles again.

Relief From Painful Intercourse

Many women experience extreme pain in their pelvic region during intercourse. With pelvic floor therapy, the PT uses biofeedback sensors to address chronic vaginal and pelvic pains. Similarly, pelvic floor therapy also helps males in controlling sexual dysfunction. Studies show that after performing pelvic floor exercises, many men improved their control and ejaculatory latency time. Likewise, doctors also recommend this therapy to males who suffer from erectile dysfunction because improved pelvic movements will help them in the long run. Regardless of the issue you’re facing, this kind of therapy requires time to show its results therefore you have to be patient.

Reduces the Recovery Time after Post Abdominal Surgery

This therapy can be particularly beneficial for anyone recovering from pelvic surgery. During the surgery, muscles are cut and it takes a lot of time for them to grow back. Nevertheless, with pelvic floor therapy, you can easily address problems such as movement issues or inflexibility. Moreover, surgeons themselves recommend pelvic floor therapy after abdominal surgeries such as hysterectomy, C section, colorectal surgery and episiotomy.

Improving Bladder Control

With age, many people tend to lose control over their bladder and as result, incontinence occurs. Through pelvic floor therapy, patients can conveniently strengthen their pelvic muscles and get rid of the problem of incontinence. When you perform exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles, the control of your body over your bladder and ureters automatically improves. Similarly, the kegel exercises that also help in strengthening your pelvic muscles can help in treating your control issues as well as prevent pelvic organ prolapse.

Helps in the Treatment of General Pelvic Pains

A skilled and experienced physiotherapist in Dubai would recommend pelvic floor therapy as a treatment for chronic pelvic pains. Under the supervision of a professional and if done with patience and perseverance, pelvic floor therapy can help in reducing all types of pelvic pains. This type of therapy can help patients who are suffering from chronic lower back pains, bladder control issues and relieving your pelvic pressure. 

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