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Over The Moon! Schools Erupt In Chandrayaan Cheer | Gurgaon News – Times of India

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GURGAON: “I’m in awe,” exclaimed Khushi, smiling from ear to ear, just as TV visuals confirmed that an Indian spacecraft had landed near the moon’s south pole – where no one had ever gone before.
The Class 9 girl was among the 15 students with hearing impairments who were watching the live telecast of the Chandrayaan-3 mission’s most treacherous task, that of landing on the lunar surface, at the deputy commissioner’s office in the city.
Waving the Indian flag, some students said Chandrayaan 3’s success had motivated them to opt for aeronautical engineering as a career. Others said the landing’s success proved India’s scientific prowess and progress in space exploration over the years.
“We are taught about the universe in our school, but this landing has broadened our understanding,” said Aarti, a Class 8 student, also of the Welfare Centre for Persons with Speech and Hearing Impairment.
At the Government School in Jacobpura, Class 9 student Shourya said he had read “everything” about India’s previous moon missions as well. “It is amazing how we achieved such a feat at such low costs. I am passionate about science but I was worried about what to opt for as a career. This historic event has filled me with a deep sense of pride and respect for the scientists who worked on this project. Now, I want to become an aeronautical engineer and make my nation proud,” he said.
In Arjun Nagar, 4-year-old Aarti sat with her mother – a teacher at the government school — clapping away as others erupted in cheers. Faltering with the pronunciation “Chandraayan”, the child claimed she learnt the moon wasn’t “far off” and she too could reach it someday.
A 27-year-old junior basic teacher at the Chakarpur Government School matched the students’ excitement.
“I studied at DPS in Delhi. When we were kids, all of us wanted to be aeronautical engineers. But in my time as a teacher, I have never seen even one kid talk about becoming an aeronautical engineer. This achievement has inspired youngsters to dream. India has always progressed in space engineering and we have proved it yet again,” the teacher said.
Deputy commissioner Nishant Yadav said the mission’s success was a proud moment for the country. “The world of space is mysterious, so Chandrayaan-3 will play an important role in solving the curiosities of not just India, but the whole world. It was important to give these children an opportunity to understand this huge achievement,” he said.
Government schools across Haryana broadcast the historic landing live for their staff and students on Wednesday. Similar events were organised at the Gurugram University, restaurants, offices and cafes as well.
In violence-hit Nuh too, some schools organised gatherings to telecast the event. District education officer Paramjeet Chahal told TOI many students couldn’t attend as they weren’t coming to school since the clashes. “We will telecast the landing again on Thursday at 11pm for the schools who couldn’t conduct the event today,” he said.


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