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Manesar Delimitation Draft Is Ready, Time Now For Feedback | Gurgaon News – Times of India

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Gurgaon: The state government has now invited objections and suggestions from the public and stakeholders on Saturday after the delimitation exercise of Manesar was completed.
The suggestions can be submitted by 5pm, September 6 at the deputy commissioner’s office.
The deputy commissioner Nishant Yadav said that the delimitation draft is available at the Municipal Corporation of Manesar (MCM) office and can be accessed online at the ULB Haryana website for the stakeholders’ reference.
As per the Haryana Municipal Corporation Delimitation Ward (Amendment) Rules, 2023, the delimitation has been done on the basis of parivar pehchan patra (PPP) and election data, whichever is higher after adding 40% to the population as per the electoral data. According to the Family Information Data Repository (FIDR) or 140% of electors’ data, the population considered is around 1.65 lakh, said the ad-hoc committee members.
The revenue estates of 29 villages in and around Manesar and the new sectors carved out of these villages come under the jurisdiction of MCM which was officially notified by the state government on December 24, 2020. According to the survey done by a private agency, the population of Manesar is around 5.15 lakh. However, objections were raised on the population estimate, so the delimitation exercise was left to be carried out by an ad-hoc committee.
“We have been demanding that the high-rise societies should be clustered together to make wards so that villages are separated from the societies. It would ensure fair representation of high-rise societies and consequently the development of infrastructure. Moreover, we also want booths to be set up in societies so that maximum people come out to vote. The delimitation draft that has been meanwhile made public is incomprehensible. We are now going to submit our objections in writing. We already filed a CM window complaint on it a month ago, however, it is still pending,” said Praveen Malik, vice president of the United Association of New Gurugram.


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