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Ladies chappal and chappal for men

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The world of footwear collection comprising of Ladies chappal and chappal for men is huge and full of awesome designs that makes the chappals elegant and comfortable. These days , due to advent of modern technology, these chappals have become a must for every occurrence may it be formal, casual or some festive function. The chappals are available in array of colors, designs and material that is long lasting. The chappals are also light weighted and are worn at home and also outdoors too!. The chappals can be worn with traditional dresses and as well as western wear like denims and shorts.

A must for the wardrobe, chappals are available in the footwear stores and also at online shopping sites too. For both men and women, many big brands have launched their chappals in various designs and styles at the online shopping sites. As these chappals are versatile, their use is flexible. The newest category of chappals are designed that they can perfectly be worn during functions at home and also at work place. As they are adaptable, they can also be worn during short and long journeys. The young generation loves to wear them with dresses like churidaar-kurta, Kurta Pyjamas and also along with a pair of jeans and T-shirts. Colorful chappals are displayed at stores and markets at the malls too.

In Delhi, Janpath is the place where people buy Kohlapuri chappals. These chappals are made from pure leather and adds to the fashion statement of the buyer. Some traditional chappals and juttis from Punjab are also sold there. It depends on the choice of the individual as to what they prefer to buy from Janpath. Many foreigners also buy their chappals from there. Khandi Gram Udyog and Rajasthali too offer chappals in their respective places at heavily discounted rates, allowing the buyer to purchase at their free will.

The chappals that are displayed at the emporiums are colorful and tastefully done. The designs and colors are the treat for ones eyes. Most of these chappals are hand crafted and one must praise the skilled craftsperson for their hard work and creativity. Many women wear them with saris and other Indian traditional dresses. During the festive seasons, these chappals are in high demand and are exported to  Middle East countries and Europe. Some shoe makers in Mussoorie make the ladies chappals and chappal for men for tourists and foreigners those who like them from the bottom of their hearts. The Roman sandals are their USP  as regards to the designs and the best of the material that they use. These Roman sandals are worn with denims and shorts. They are colorful and can get along very well with Indian traditional dresses like Kurta-Pyjama and salwar suits. Most significant is the durability of the product. These chappals can last for many years even if one is careless and rough at handling the chappals.

Highly recommended for women footwear collection is from Bata. The collection at Bata is huge and awe inspiring. All the designs at Bata are for every single one and have notable colors and designs at display. For women , Bata offers both flat and high heeled chappals and sandals respectively. Scholl from Bata is an epitome of durability and fantastic designs and myriad of colors. The beautiful collection at Marie Claire are remarkable in terms of versatility and is a boon for women those who go to their offices and are always on move!

Woodland is the name which needs no introduction when it comes to the footwear collection for both men and women. Famous for high end designs and durability, the ladies chappals and chappals for men are made of the best quality material and displayed at their stores in various patterns and designs. Men look pleasing to the eye and well-groomed when they wear them with denims and shorts. These chappals, as they are extraordinarily durable,  can also be worn while going out for long walks at the complex terrains. The chappals at Woodland are also best to be used while travelling and also can be used as office wear. The best men wear the best product and yes Woodland is the paramount option!

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