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Islam is a Religion of Peace

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Islam is a religion of harmony and resistance. It has been started in Saudia Arab and was established by Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Islam is straightforward; it lectures only harmony and straightforwardness around the world. In any case, why there are so many negative considerations about this religion? This is a direct result of some bogus intrigue of antagonism and a few people that spread fear for the sake of Islam.

Starting at 2020, there are in excess of 2 billion Muslims around the globe. The term Muslim world or Islamic world alludes to a similar Islamic people group. In the event that there such a significant number of numerous individuals following this religion, at that point there must be something that the remainder of the world doesn’t comprehend.

In this post, we’ve clarified why Islam is a religion of peace and how you can best comprehend this religion.

The Foundation of Islam        

Islam, a significant religion around the globe is declared by the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in Saudia Arabia in the seventh Century, roughly 600 years back. In Islam, the Muslim puts stock in the unity of God, Allah – which the maker, sustainer, and resorter of the world.

In Islam, the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is considered as the remainder of a progression of the prophet that incorporates Noah, Moses, Adam, Jesus, and Solomon.

The Pillars of Islam

The five mainstays of Islam are some fundamental realities that devotees – Muslims must follow in their life. These columns sum up the renowned hadith of ‘Gabriel’.

I) Profession of Faith

“There’s one God and Mohammad is the Messenger of God”. The primary mainstay of Islam trusts in the unity of Allah Almighty. There’s just a single God, and Muhammad (PBUH) is the last courier of Islam.

ii) Salat (Prayers)

A Muslim must offer every day petitions for the sake of God. There are 5 supplications, each having its various occasions and states.

iii) Zakat (Alms)

The most striking reality about Islam is that it offers the idea of Zakat. This implies an individual partaking in Islam ought to give some portion of their procuring to poor people. This is the reason Muslims are the most magnanimous individuals around the globe.

iv) Fasting

The fasting during Ramadan is called saum. This month, Muslims around the globe quick without eating or savoring anything the day time.

v) Hajj (Pilgrimage)

Muslims offer Hajj in the most recent month of the Islamic schedule in the sacred city of Mecca.

The Oneness of God

“He, Allah, is One. Allah is He on Whom all depend. He sires not, nor is He generated. Also, none is Like Him” (Quran, 112:1-4).

The instructing of Islam is the unity of Allah. This is the establishment of Islam, in the event that you remove it, at that point there’s not much.

The blessed book of Islam; the Quran is “a direction for humanity, and the qualification (among good and bad)” (Quran 2:185). It gives direction whereupon we Muslims can decide concerning what is correct and what’s going on.

Allah Almighty is loaded with affection and generosity to His creation. Islam encourages that Allah is kind toward us and will overlook us from our wrongdoings. Like how Islam disallows any wrong crediting.

Islam and Women

Islam is the main religion that gives equivalent rights to ladies. Prior to the approach of Islam, ladies were butcher, covered, and consumed alive. Notwithstanding, Islam offered rights to ladies. Additionally, Islam offers regard to ladies as they are youngsters, moms, sisters, and spouses. The prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) stated,

“I order you to be benevolent to your ladies”.


In the event that you simply think about the five mainstays of Islam, at that point you would see how tranquil this religion is. It gives love, graciousness, and internal identity harmony upon us His manifestations. In the event that you need to know this religion, perused it yourself. Try not to take after on Media and social inclusion of how awful this religion is.

No religion, no place on Earth lectures contempt. The initial step you can begin from is by perusing the heavenly book of Islam, the learn Quran. Most likely a day will come when you will change your considerations and see how quiet this network is.

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