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Introduction: Program Details of B.Tech Course & Fee Structure

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Engineering courses are one of the most sought after at Lovely Professional University (LPU). The LPU fee structure for BTech Courses depends upon the type of program chosen by the student. The university is very popular with students from all over the world and offers a wide range of courses in different disciplines. LPU courses differ in specializations and fee structure.

In the Engineering discipline, LPU offers following B.Tech Courses:

  • B.Tech
  • Dual Degree Program: B.Tech- MBA
  • Dual Degree Program: B.Tech- M.Tech
  • B. Tech (Hons.)
  • Integrated B.Tech- M.Tech
  • Integrated B.Tech- MBA

Fee Structure

Fee structure for students applying via LPUNEST is as follows:

  • For courses– B.Tech, Dual Degree Program: B.Tech- MBA and Dual Degree Program: B.Tech- M.Tech, the per semester fee is INR 98,000/-
  • For courses– B. Tech (Hons.), Integrated B.Tech- M.Tech and Integrated B.Tech- MBA, per semester fee for students, is INR 1,08,000/-

Students need to pay an examination fee of INR 2500 per semester. The LPU fee structure for B.Tech courses also varies for international students as given below:

  • The program fee for international students (except Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan) USD 2450 per semester.
  • The program fee for international students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan is INR 1,08,000/.

Fee Details

Apart from the above-mentioned LPU fee structure for B.Tech courses, the college also has a few additional details that students must remember and follow. These are as follows:

  • The fees for the subsequent semester must be paid before the teaching of the current semester is completed.
  • Students must ensure that their 1st-semester examination fee is paid before or alongwith the 2nd-semester tuition fee. Students who do not pay their examination fees will not be allowed to sit in the semester examination.
  • For fees other than the tuition or programme fee, students can read ‘Fee for Additional Services/ Facilities’ of ‘General Guidelines for Admissions’ in Part C of the Prospectus-2020.
  • For any doubt or query regarding the fees and their payment, students can refer to Part B of the prospectus.
  • LPU fee structure for B.Tech courses includes the following sub-heads: Tuition fees, development fees, university fee for enrolment and registration, culture fees, sports fees, fees for club activities, co-curricular, placement fee, outreach fees, medical, etc.
  • Any change in the fees will be communicated to the students and parents. A reduction in fee structure shall be made in a proportionate matter, and the scholarship amount for all the categories will remain the same.
  • The university will take the full fee directly from the student or their security amount for those who have enrolled under the PMS or other similar scholarship schemes. 

Modes of Payment

  • Students can pay via demand draft/Pay order for fees related to their application form, program fee, transfer fee, examination fee, migration fee, etc. The demand draft/pay order needs to be drawn in favor of ‘LOVELY ACADEMICS’ payable at Jalandhar.
  • For students availing of LPU residential facilities, laundry, mess, transport, parking, etc., they need to pay their required fees in favor of ‘LOVELY FACILITIES’ payable at Jalandhar.


Lovely Professional University (LPU) strongly believes in the fact that economic reasons and monetary factors should not be limiting or determining factors for a student to obtain a good quality education. To encourage the best of students to join the university, LPU offers one of India’s largest Private Scholarship Scheme. Under LPU’s scholarship scheme, scholarships worth INR 100 crores were given to students in the previous academic year. For more information on the phase-wise cut-off for scholarships, students can visit Shiksha.com as there is more in-depth coverage on this topic.

It is indeed a matter of pride and privilege to be studying B.Tech at LPU. The fee structure for B.Tech courses applies to candidates who have cleared all the other criteria of eligibility to join the University for B.Tech courses.

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