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Are you making these 8 mistakes on your About Me page?

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Erric Ravi
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Your page About Me, About Us, About the Company, about or whatever you want to call it.

By far, it is one of the most overlooked pages on the web when it comes to writing it.

Or worse, it is completely ignored.

If you have not made an effort to write a page about me on your blog or website, you may be creating distance between your business and those who are interested in what you do.

So this page is more important than you might think.

Your potential clients want to know who you are before they do business with you.

Also, people do business with people they like, know, and trust.

In this post I am going to point out the 8 most common mistakes I’ve seen in About Me and how you can avoid them.

MISTAKE # 1: Your about me ignore people

(Is this a special wake-up call for companies?)

Unquestionably, what is special about your company is the people who work there.

It’s not the product or service you sell, it’s the people.

No other company has employees the same or similar to yours.

Which means that to define the unique thing that makes your company, you and your work team must be visible in this section.

To be fair, many sites do mention their employees, but they refer to them with their names, a photo, and their position. Not to mention the multiple washers that indicate they’re “experts” at something * yawn *

If you decide to include your work team, dedicate time and interest to write who each of its members really is.

If what you want is to connect with the reader, rather than saying that they are experts, leaders, influencers and others, try curious and interesting aspects of the team (interests, passions, appointments or even ways to contact them).

MISTAKE # 2: It is ordinary, it has nothing special

On the About Me page tell what you do or what your company does in an attractive way.

One way to do this is by telling the story of your business.

Why does it exist? How did you get to where you are now? Where did you fail before you were successful?

Recognize your imperfections and don’t be afraid to be honest and authentic.

At the end of the day, it is those details that will allow you to build emotional bonds with your potential clients.

Avoid clichés such as: “We care about our customers”, “our employees are experts in their field”, “we are leaders in providing services for…”, “our vision is to be the No. 1 company in solutions for…”, “We seek excellence”, “and we are innovators”.

We all have a story to tell.

Even if you don’t think you have anything interesting to say, you will always find something worth mentioning.

Celebrate where you come from, what are the origins of your business. People tend to identify with these kinds of situations. And the more they identify, the more they trust you.

You do not have to tell everything with hair and signs. Not the traumas of your childhood, nothing else was missing.

Find the balance between what you want to tell and how that relates to your potential client.

MISTAKE # 3: She’s cold and distant

How about trying using a more personal tone and stepping away from the corporate attitude?

I will not tire of saying that expressing yourself in a loose, simple and familiar way is not going to take away your professionalism.

Even if you are in a very formal industry (like law or insurance), you can surely find a way to be close.

Your about me will determine if your visitors like you. You won’t if you are stiff and robotic.

Always remember that people do business with whom they like and trust.

Imagine meeting someone for the first time and starting the conversation by talking about how awesome you are as if you were reading them a resume or speech filled with flashy words to show off and make yourself more interesting.

You wouldn’t, would you?

What would be the impression that person would take of you?

Impact and connection About Me pages are warm and energetic.

Give a warm welcome to your reader.

Nobody likes narcissistic and conceited.

Sure you can talk about yourself, but from the reader’s point of view.

Explain how YOU can HELP THEM.

And, relax.

MISTAKE # 4 Calls to action are conspicuous by their absence

Who said you couldn’t turn into the About Me?

Remember to include a call to action indicating what you want your visit to do after reading this section.

Do you want them to subscribe to your list? To download your free resource? To contact you? To request a free trial of your software? To go directly to buy?

Simple. If you don’t tell them what to do, they won’t do anything.

If someone visits your About Me, they are probably aware that there is a service that solves their problem and wants to know more about the person or company that offers it.

Is your visit studying you to decide if you are the most appropriate option?

MISTAKE # 5: You forgot to mention what is on the web that may interest the reader

Visitors are on your site because they are looking for the solution to a particular problem.

They don’t want customer service software. They want to increase productivity and reduce costs.

To gain the reader’s attention (and his ❤️️) you need to indicate what’s there for him.

Present the benefits of your services and what value you deliver to your customers.

Clearly point out how you are going to help them solve their problem or satisfy their need.

MISTAKE # 6: Social proof? Where? There is not

Think about what you do yourself when you go to hire a new service or buy a product for the first time. Surely you do not base your decision on what the same company says about it.

So is. You check the reviews and comments on the web.

A potential client is looking for reasons to believe in you, so help them make the decision through success stories, testimonials, and other forms of social proof.

Social proof helps you position yourself as an authority in your field and gives visitors reasons to choose you over your competition.

People want to know if you are worth doing business with. With so many competitors fighting for the same market as you, you have to prove your authority and credibility.

So: include customer testimonials and indicate the results they have obtained working with you.

MISTAKE # 7: The headline says: About Me or About? ‍♀️

When someone lands on you About Me for the first time, you must call their attention immediately so that they do not go by without interest.

Surely your competition has services very similar to yours.

One of the ways to make a difference is with a headline that captures your attitude, your style, and the soul of your business.

Please don’t leave the heading of this page unworked and say About Me or about (which is so common). You would be wasting space to shock the reader with a powerful headline.

MISTAKE # 8: You refuse to put up your face

“Is it really necessary to upload your own photos in my About Me?”

Well, nobody forces you. But yes.

Photos are not just for aesthetic purposes.

Reinforce the human touch of your business.

Upload photos of yourself and if you have, those of your team. This gives the company an intimate and personal touch that the reader is looking for.

Let them know that you are a real person and that there are real people working behind the company. That you are not a cold machine of doing business, but there are people like them.

Remember to smile.

If you feel comfortable, include an introductory video. Take care of quality and duration (less than 5 minutes). And complement it with text.

Visitors want to know who is behind the company name. And for this, they also need to be mentioned a name.

That’s what you do when you appear in front of someone personally, tell them your first and last name.

Can you show your credentials? Of course, as long as they are relevant and show that you know what you are talking about.

Do you have prizes? Put them on.

Do you do social work? Fantastic. Add how you help your community, but not with the aim of showing off.

To close

Your About Me is not essentially about you. It’s about them. Your potential clients.

Write about me with your ideal client in mind. Do it as if you are having a conversation with him. Use everyday language. Read the text aloud and verify that it makes sense and fluency.

Use you instead of me or us.

May your about me not lack a good headline or a good story?

Whenever you are going to post something in you’re about me page, remember to ask yourself why you are doing it. Is the information relevant?

Make sure the texts on this page reflect who you are and speak to the customers you want to reach.

And what about you’re About Me? Are you happy with this page? What was the hardest thing to write about it?

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