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How To Password Protect Documents And PDFs With FlashScan

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With the advent of technology, now we get a facility to lock our confidential papers with a password. Many document scanner apps help us to password protect documents. FlashScan is one such reliable Android scanner app that lets you set a password on your important documents.

To run a profitable business and to enjoy a productive work life, we need smart tools that not only enhance our performance but also offer smart features. FlashScan is one such scanner app.

 Encrypt Your Confidential Documents With FlashScan

Maintaining the secrecy of classified data is necessary for business. There are many advantages of generating pdf files that carry classified information and then locking those files carefully. 

But why do most of the professionals prefer pdf file formats? Before exploring the app lets first see the benefits of pdf files

Why Professionals Prefer PDF Files?

Most of the time experts prefer using portable document formats. Here are the main reasons why it is the first choice of all professionals.

  1. Portable Document Format- PDFs are portable, and hence very convenient to use. As the full form of the name suggests they are easily manageable.
  2. PDFs Are Universal Documents- Globally pdf papers are used for various purposes.
  3. It Provides Safety– We can easily lock pdf files with a password. So this format provides the safest way to transfer classified data.
  4. Easy To Transfer– PDFs are very easy to transfer. Compressed pdf files can be shared in a fraction of a second.
  5. Ensures Data Quality- If you have used images, charts and graphics in your pdf files it remains as it is after sharing or moving the data. Unlike excel or Word formats, pdf ensures the quality of your data.

Across the globe, pdf files are used for many purposes. Now let’s see what are the benefits of setting a password on pdfs?

Why Should You Password Protect Documents?

There are a number of advantages of encrypted data. Here are some of the main benefits.

  • Protect Your Intellectual Property– Your companies’ business strategies, marketing plans, and product launches are your intellectual properties. Secure such data with a password to stay genuine in the market
  • Prevent Unauthorised Access– Limit the access of a few classified documents by encrypting it. Leaked data can harm your organization.
  • Classified Data– Classify your documents easily by locking all the confidential documents. Any random user will get the idea that such papers carry sensitive information.
  • Prevent Printing/Sharing- When you set a password to any document and allow only a few people to access it you ensure that nobody prints or shares any information about your upcoming projects.

Above all encrypted data are the most confidential matters that you may not want to get leaked. So the easiest way to make it safe is by locking it up with a password.

How To Set A Password With The FlashScan App?

It is very easy to password protect pdfs with FlashScan. Download this free Android scanner app and then follow the below-mentioned steps to encrypt any data.

  1. Install and set up the FlashScan app. Go to the Doc Scanner.
  2. You will first need to add an image to your Doc Scanner list. Take a photo of the document or import the image from the gallery.
  3. Scan the document and save the result as a PDF file.
  4. Choose a post-scan editing filter if you want to enhance scanned results.
  5. Now go to the PDF Viewer You can see all the pdf files here.
  6. Tap on set the password and encrypt your data.

With FlashScan you can easily set a password to any document and ensure its safety. But this document scanner offers many other features too.

FlashScan- A Reliable Android Scanner App

This Android scanner app is user-friendly and offers the below-mentioned features.

  • It is a brilliant document scanner app that scans documents quickly.
  • You can also scan QR codes and Barcodes with it.
  • It also offers a strong OCR tool. Users can use it for the translation of the recognized text. 
  • This PDF Creator app offers multiple PDF templates- Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4(default-size), A5 sizes are the most common page sizes.
  • With the PDF Viewer, you can perform many operations on your PDF files.
  • You can scan your signature and place it on PDFs with this PDF creator app.
  • It also helps to compress your PDFs for fast sharing
  • Adding a custom watermark is quick and simple with this PDF creator app.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

In this competitive era, it is very important to password protect your confidential PDFs with the smart Android scanner app. FlashScan is a brilliant app to encrypt your classified PDF data.

Take care of your confidential matters and password-protect documents with just a single tap using FlashScan.

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