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How Integrated Law Education Expands the Horizons of Students Mind

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In the current times, there has been a rise of the integrated curriculum which imparts a multidisciplinary opportunity for students to explore their potential. In fact, many are going for it precisely because of its holistic way of teaching.

The curriculum of BBA LLB is designed to instil students with managerial and legal concepts. Such professionals are highly demanded in all the walks of corporate law. They are a perfect embodiment of managerial and legal skills at the same time.

While pursuing a BBA LLB degree, students are exposed to a wide range of possibilities to explore their potential. Now they are not just given academic training but along with that, they are given practical opportunities to really get hands-on practice of actual applicability. Regular moot courts are conducted, internships are offered, and case studies are taught.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to get admission in BBA LLB Course?

The first step to get admission to the BBA LLB course is to fulfil the eligibility criteria. Anyone failing to do so shall stand ineligible to participate in the admission process. Also, every college and university has its own predefined eligibility guidelines. Given below are some common guidelines one must always ensure to fulfil while opting for a BBA LLB course:-

a. One must pass class 12th examination

b. Depending on the college applied for, candidates will have to secure a minimum percentage defending upon the college applied for. Usually, the minimum marks required ranges from 50% to 60%

There are many other guidelines one will have to uphold in order to fulfil the eligibility criteria of the BBA LLB course. That can only be accessed by referring to the college’s requirement.

Entarnce Examination for BBA LLB

In order to take admission in BBA LLB, students will have to clear entrance examinations. Some of the important list of entrance examination for a course in BBA LLB is described below:-

  1. Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) Entrance Test
  2. All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) Entrance Exam
  3. Law School Admission Test (LSAT) Entrance Exam

BBA LLB Curriculum

The curriculum is structured as an amalgamation of managerial and legal studies. It includes important subjects related to all the aspects of law and management. Along with that, students study various case studies and internships and live projects Some important subjects are described below:-

1. Economics,

2. Consumer law,

3. Cyberlaw,

4. Finance,

5. International law,

6. International Finance,

7. Criminal law, etc.

Career Prospects after the Completion of BBA LLB Course

This course opens a wide range of career options for the graduates. They can take the role in the management segment if they wish so or can take up legal career options. Not only that, irrespective of whatever option they go for, there is a certain sense of demand for people who are polished in multidisciplinary skills.

1. Lawyer- Students can simply take the role of a lawyer after graduation. They can start practising under an experienced lawyer. By doing that they gain practical experience as well. In this way, they get to see the dynamics of the profession very closely.

2. Corporate Legal Management- These days every private organization has a legal section which takes into account of all the record, transparency of the functioning of the company and more. They are actively required to resolve any dispute or understanding. BBA LLB graduates can take up this career choice as well.

3. Higher Studies- One can choose to pursue higher studies as well. There are various options (legal and management)- LLM, MBA, etc.

4. International Law- People can take up international law if they have a strong desire to be a part of international policies, rules and regulation.

5. Judiciary- Students may appear for judiciary examinations after the completion of their BBA LLB course.

6. Research- One can also opt for an academic career option in legal studies. It includes research

and recognition of the potential of regulations, new legal policies in the present scenario.

“Active law can transform society completely, no matter even if it has faced countless highs or lows.”

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