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How Candies Bring Cheer To Children?

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Any child that has ever had a candy, will say that these sugary treats make everything better. There is a scientific cause of this. People are born with an innate liking towards sweetness. It is a way for nature to guide on what is safe to eat. It is also true that candies help take away the bad tastes from other foods. Another reason why children like sweets so much, is that it helps them with the needed calories while growing up. In the past, there were fruits that would satisfy that requirement. Nowadays they live in an environment with many varieties of confections around. The obvious choice would be to turn towards these confections. 

In India, sweets have been consumed, shared, and gifted in celebrations for decades. It signifies love and affection after all. It is not surprising that children here find anything sweet attractive. This attraction is for more than calories, as the mint chocolate candy has proved. Brands from Delhi, like Mahak for example, have been treating kids to such magic for more than two decades. They were the first to bring the concept of fruity jelly in India. To have a brand that’s been part of so many people’s journey in growing up, it shows how many childhoods they have shaped. There are just as many brands that have been innovating even now. They strive to make new and fun kinds of sweets for them to enjoy.

Sugar confections brighten up every child in this country. Someone as young as a two-year-old can discover the magic of sweets through simple things such as jellies. Discovering the world through those eyes must be magical. The jellies that come in different shapes and forms, definitely make that magical universe more fun. There’s more that makes these jellies attractive, than simply the shapes these come packaged in. The brands that make some of the best fruity jelly manufacturers in India, make it wonderful by making those jellies available in the flavour of different fruits as well. Fruits have their unique flavours. Children get a taste of their favourite fruits even when those are not in season. 

It’s not just jellies, there’s a whole world of toffees out there that have been popular for years. Some of the best toffees for kids have been enjoyed for decades, from birthday celebrations to losing oneself to the chocolate flavours. Yet, there is another of these that finds itself a favourite among them. It is the most essential candy of all, a lollipop. Did anyone know that lollipops have been around for more than a hundred years? In those hundred years lollipops have seen a lot of changes, both in shape and flavour. No matter how lollipops are shaped, and flavoured these are just as trendy as used to be.

Some of the best memories people have of their childhood revolves around chewing those pink bubble gums. It used to be a fun challenge, to see who could make the biggest bubble. Those bubbles may not have carried children into the skies as many had hoped, but that did bring a lot of enjoyment to them and their friends. It’s not just that chewing-gums were for fun. This helps focus on work while helping reduce any stress anyone might have had. Not only have many benefited from their bubble-making bragging rights, but also have had many relaxing hours to focus on their task at hand, by chewing these candies. Around a lakh of bubble-gums are chewed every year all over the world. That just be a testament to how loved these things are.

Candies do not just bring cheer and joy. These are also good at providing some health benefits. Anyone who eats candy even a few times a month, will be blessed with a prolonged life. It is all thanks to the antioxidant phenol and cacao, an ingredient used in chocolates. It also slows down cancer growth and decreases the risk of stroke. It is not just what these confections can do for the body. Even a child’s mind gains from this. For instance, sugar can help restore willpower. It helps to better focus, and continue longer on a difficult task.

How can something that many parents consider harmful, be actually beneficial? Well, it’s just science. Anything in abundance could be bad, but a candy by itself does no harm to a child. If not for the sake of brightening up their moments, parents should consider the health benefits, and allow their children to have some candies for themselves. There’s nothing better than seeing a radiant child after all.

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