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Estonia Independence Day

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Independence Day is an international holiday in Estonia marking the historic anniversary of the republic’s declaration of independence in 1918. It is also known as the Day of Remembrance. It is widely celebrated with parades, concerts and other events. It is also the country’s national day. The following article will tell you more about the background of this important event in Estonia.

The roots of Estonia’s Independence Day can be traced back to the Russian Revolution. There were Baltic tribes that resettled in the area of Pankrati, near modern-day Tallinn. They were mainly Turkoman traders and they were not welcoming either the Russians or the Turks. The situation in Tallinn was getting worst. So, on 24 February the people of Tallinn made a declaration for their independence and joined the allied nations.

When the soldiers from the allied nations arrived, they set up camp in the city center. After the Red Army got tired, they turned back and began advancing towards the capital of Estonia – Tallinn. On that day, the first celebrations of Estonia’s independence began.

A parade was held by the allied troops that headed towards Tallinn. They were met by a group of local resistance groups that tried to stop them. As a result, they took a city called Tartu, which is now modern-day Tallinn. Estonia was then a part of Soviet Russia.

At the beginning of August, following the Armistice, the occupying powers began handing over control of Estonia to the Soviet Union. A month later, on August 1st, the people of Estonia began celebrating the start of the freedom that they had long waited for. On this day, a trainload of dignitaries, politicians, historians and artists came to pay homage to the country that they had once called home. The dignitaries included such famous people as Eva Braun, Count Dracula, and even President Harry S. Truman. Estonia was thus considered as one of the last liberated states in the whole world.

What day is today? Today, on February 24th, the residents of Estonia observe together the historic occasion of their national Independence Day. In doing so, they also pay tribute to their forefathers who gave up everything just for their homeland. On this day, they also celebrate their rich cultural heritage and their hard-earned freedom. In doing so, they honour the sacrifices that their ancestors made for their country. No one should miss this opportunity to be with their loved ones and participate in the activities that these people consider as precious.

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