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CONCIERGE MEDICINE: Why you should switch today!

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A few doctors are switching payment methods for patients and turning to alternative payment methods.

One such model of this practice, at times called “retainer” or “boutique” medication, whereby patients pay an advance deposit to make sure about the administrations of a doctor, i.e. Concierge medicine.

It used to be that doctors in high-income zones utilized the Concierge medicine model; however, circumstances are now different. Doctors, with all sorts of patient bases, are beginning to adopt and apply Concierge medicine payment models.

Could Concierge be the best approach for you? 

Here is why we believe you should switch to Concierge today for your medical needs! 

1) Access, Access, and More Access 

Numerous attendant practices give you day and night admittance to your medical group. We’re not discussing voice messages and emails. We’re talking about discussions, by telephone or email, concerning your wellbeing and treatment, at painfully inconvenient times too.

Virtual Correspondence 

Concerning phone calls or emails, such a response from your medical team can save you a drive to the doctor. Attendant practices are commonly acceptable about taking care of common and non-terminal straightforward issues that way, at your convenient time. 

In-house Specialization 

Attendant practices likewise save you time by treating matters in-house, whenever the situation allows, as opposed to making you drive to a specialist. With regards to common illnesses and checkups, similar to gynaecology tests and mole removals, your medical group would help you out in-house.

Care Coordination 

We call it “quarterbacking” — a discussion with your primary care physicians and other specialists with the goal that everybody’s treatment participates one healthy way for you. We also help our Concierge patients in planning any expert arrangements that you have to set. 

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