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Common web design mistakes that should be avoided

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Well, websites are the most common thing which any business would have. It can be considered as the most powerful element to make a strong online presence. Everything about the business can be added to it so that users from anywhere in the world can access it.

However, one of the most important parts of a website is appearance. It must be well-designed so that it captures the user’s attention. Design is a form of art, it’s all about making it meaningful, attractive, navigable. Designers need to go through a lot of steps to make it proper as per the requirement. Having a poor website will make a bad impression and end up losing your customer. 

But still, sometimes designers make mistakes while designing for websites. Those mistakes will directly affect your business and conversion rate. Whether it’s a custom logo design or any web page design, everything must be properly maintained. This article will be discussing the web design mistakes which you might have observed. 

#1. Too much going on

One of the most repeated mistakes in the majority of websites. This will happen when you want to add too much information but don’t know how to arrange it and end up making it confusing for visitors. 

In case, visitors can’t understand what your website is all about then they will surely leave it within a few seconds, and that way you will lose your customers. When it’s full of images, videos, colors, fancy fonts then it becomes frustrating to view it. 

Thus, make sure you do not repeat this mistake while designing a website. 

#2. Poor navigation

Another very important point that you should not miss anyhow. Bad navigation will kill your website’s popularity in a few minutes. Your visitor must find it easy and quick to locate the information they want from the website.

The importance of website navigation is crucial to give better user experience.  Having navigation which is hard to find is a sign of bad web design and may lose your customers. It must be easily accessible to visitors. Make sure everything is properly noticeable and understandable to the users. Even the icon you use for each section must be relevant to the work it does. So that user can easily understand just looking at it. So, make sure your navigation is not confusing to the users and properly designed.

#3. Lack of contact information

Lack of contact details is another big mistake that most of the websites may have. Before making any purchasing decision or availing of the service of your company, users may want to contact you. It ensures them that you are an honest and trustable brand. 

The “contact us” page must be easy to locate or just a few clicks away from the home page. It’s crucial to include all the necessary information to let your customer connect with you. Therefore, make sure you don’t make this mistake on your website. 

#4. Not making mobile-friendly

These days, websites without mobile-friendly functionality are hard to find. But still many people do not consider it as a crucial factor. This is a problem that should be resolved as early as possible. The rate of mobile users is increasing, so your website should fit on that screen as well. 

At the time of designing, you should keep in mind all sizes of the screens because you may never know what the user is going to use to visit your website. All sections of the website must be rearranged automatically as per the screen size. Failing to do that will turn your customer from a website. Hence, make sure you do not forget to consider this imperative point on your website. 

#5. Color and contrast

While designing the website, generally designers choose their favorite color or just copy it from others. The wrong selection of color makes a really bad impression. 

To make your website visually attractive, the right choice of color and its combination is really important. If you want to make a great impact and hold the user’s attention then find the most appropriate contrast color for design. Users are much more likely to observe the color while visiting the website and this is the way to impress them. 

Wrapping up

As websites are an integral part of the business, any mistake with it will not be acceptable. The design of a website is crucial and that must be very well created. Designers should have great knowledge of how website design is important and what suits most. The above-mentioned are some of the most often mistakes people make with web design.

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