All About DLT Registrations: Importance, Problems, and Future Effects

DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology has been brought into effect by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI. This is a type of Telecom Commercials Communication Customer Preference Regulations or TCCCPR, which has been put into place to control entities sending messages to a large mass of the society. DLT registration has now been made mandatory by TRAI.

A few years back, the TRAI officials decided to exercise more control over communication methods via telephone and introduced National Do Not Call for the National Customer Call Preference Registry. This system allowed customers to choose the services from whom they could get messages and phone calls. However, due to several malfunctions and data management error, this service was deemed to be not efficient in controlling message and voice communications. Hence, TRAI started DLT registration. Companies like mTalkz a leading bulk sms service provider in India provide a smooth interface for registering under DLT,  seamlessly.

Importance of DLT Registration by TRAI

The DLT registration TRAI was mainly started to address customer problems and to also have a better control over chain messages and other forms of mobile communications. This technology aims to stop the circulation of spam messages and other unsolicited forms of communication. For years, companies went unchecked on their communication with customers. Now with mandatory registration under DLT, there has been a serious setback for fraudulent messages and misleading calls. 

For the enterprises, the DLT platform by TRAI has given them a fairer chance of reaching a target audience in a much sensible capacity. This has also been enhanced by the fact that enterprises are now being able to communicate with customers who have chosen to receive information from them. This has greatly improved business-customer relations and increased profits. 

Some Problems with DLT Platform by TRAI

Even though the importance of DLT registration is clear, the problems of DLT registrations cannot be ignored. Some of the issues that need to be issued are:

  • Lack of proper guidance from TRAI on DLT related procedures and the overall mechanism.
  • A lengthy and complicated registration process. Even though registration on the DLT platform is now mandatory, the way to register has been a headache for enterprises. 
  • Similar lack of proper guidance or guidelines on the sender registration process has resulted in an overall chaos over this entire platform. 
  • No proper information on the kind of document required for registration is mentioned. This has resulted in a lot of confusion among enterprises. Different operator platforms are asking for varied kinds of documents with no standardised instruction available.
  • Sender ID duplicates are not allowed, which is hampering the registration processes for the sender. 

Future Effects of DLT Registration

The future effects of DLT platform by TRAI are yet to be fully realised or predicted. However, the biggest concern remains over the possibility of large aggregators exercising a sort of monopoly over the platform. Since, smaller enterprises are facing a lot of problems with the registration process itself, it might lead to them not being able to compete with more powerful companies. The onus would be on TRAI to properly standardise DLT and make it an equal playing field. 


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