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7 best cancer hospitals in India one can consider

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Cancer is a deadly device which every year takes thousands of lives. Though there are various reasons for cancer becoming fatal, one important point to consider during cancer treatment is finding the right hospital. New technologies are evolving each day In the field of cancer, and India has established its name as one of the prime destinations for treatment of critical diseases. 

Hospitals that offer good infrastructure and a qualified team of doctors make the entire process more easily approachable for both the patients and their family. Let us look at some of the top 7 Cancer Hospitals in India

Top 7 Cancer Hospitals in India

1. Tata Memorial Government Hospital (Mumbai)

With the highest footfall of foreign patients in India for cancer treatment, tata memorial hospital is backed by a trusted brand which makes it one of the best cancer hospitals in India. It provides cost-effective treatment with no compromise on the quality of services offered to patients. For faster recovery, the hospital also offers counselling and follow up treatments to the patients. 

2. Max Hospitals India

With over 12 hospitals around the country, Max Healthcare provides world-class treatment facilities to all patients. Max offers end to end care which escalates the recovery process and prepares the patients for a beautiful life beyond cancer.

It is the perfect combination of modern technology and quality treatment provided by experienced professionals. With the same quality of standard in all its hospitals, you can visit your nearest Max healthcare to get the best cancer treatment in India.

3. Fortis Malar Private Hospital (Chennai)

Originally named as the Malar Hospital, it carries a legacy of more than 25 years in providing the best service to cancer patients. With a success rate of 77% in radiation oncology, fortis is one of the best treatment centres for blood cancer. t is considered as one of the best multi-speciality cancer hospitals in the country.

In Fortis, the patients are also assigned relationship manager, who provide them with the best care of all their needs during the treatment.

4. Apollo Hospitals Private Hospital (Chennai)

As is evident from the naming popularity, Apolo has developed as a cancer hospital in India and abroad. It caters to patients of over 100 countries and 99 cancer centres in India.

Apollo and Max have worked together to bring India into the world map for the best cancer treatment in India. It has established itself as a centre of excellence in healthcare and medicine. T also provides advance care treatment in the field of surgical and radiation oncology.

5. KIDWAI Memorial Institute of Oncology Government Hospital (Bengaluru)

One of the most affordable cancer treatment centres in India, KIDWAI is one of the oldest and trusted brands in Bengaluru. The treatment provided at the hospital is of great quality and along with that, the anti-cancer drugs sold at this hospital are 60% cheaper than the other drugs available in the market.

It also hosts a molecular oncology centre under its name which helps in detecting cancer at an early stage by analysing DNA, RNA levels.

6. AIIMS (New Delhi)

Affordability is one of the biggest factors in cancer treatment, and AIIMs being a government hospital provide the cancer treatment at a much lesser price. It offers three kinds of strategy: radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy.

One of the oldest and premier medical institutions in India, AIIMS boasts of its high-quality standards and has an elite group of doctors and medical professionals.

7. Columbia Asia Hospital (Bengaluru)

Situates all across Asia, Columbia Asia Hospital has centres all across Asia in big cities like Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. In India, it is located in Bengaluru and specializes in treating cancer in both early as well as advanced stages.

With one of the best technologies and experienced doctors, Columbia Asia Hospital in Bengaluru offers the patients comfort and helps them fight their cancer battle.


India has become a very famous cancer treatment centre, for people of various countries, at all stages of cancer. It is important that while choosing your hospital, you check all the details and the depending on your choice of city and affordability, and then finalised. Not all wounds and diseases are cancer, but to ensure that your body is not bearing any issue, do not hesitate to visit a doctor even if you have a slight doubt in mind. Detection of cancer in its early stages is one of the best ways to prevent it from growing further.

You can choose the hospitals from the many options available. You can either book an online appointment or call the hospital to schedule your visit.

Cancer is just a word and not a sentence, to make sure that the treatment yields 100% results, it is important for the patient to stay happy and trust the doctors. 

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