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Xiaomi Yeelight V1 vs V2

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Xiaomi Yeelight V1 vs V2: Yeelight is the world-leading smart lighting brand with an in-depth exploration in smart interaction, industrial design and lighting experience. The second version of Xiaomi  Yeelight smart bulb is out now.! With some updated features such as increased brightness while reducing its standby energy consumption. All coming with a pocket-friendly price.

Xiaomi is a brand which mainly focuses on home lighting, well known for their design, quality and pocket-friendly technology. Xiaomi provides us product which are useful in our everyday life such as smartphones, electric scooters to home appliances.

Let’s do a quick comparison between Xiaomi Yeelight V1 vs V2

Comparison chart for Yeelight V1 vs V2Yeelight V1 vs V2 (Difference)Yeelight V1 vs V2 ( Similarity)Overview


Xiaomi Yeelight V1 vs V2

Comparison Chart between Yeelight V1 vs V2

FeaturesYeelight V1Yeelight V2
Lumens600 Lm800Lm
Colour Range16 million16 million
Night visionNo No
GeofencingVia IFTTTVia IFTTT
Away from home controlYesYes
Colour Temperature1700-6500 k1700-6500k
Music synchingYesYes
LED lifespan22.8 years22.8 years
AppIOS, AndroidIOS, Android
Warranty1 year1 year
DesignSilver bodyWhite body
Product Dimensions2.1*2.1*4.72.4*2.4*4.9
Stand by~1W0.5 W

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Difference between Yeelight V1 and Yeelight V2

  1. Brightness

Xiaomi Yeelight V2 can brighten your room with it’s increased brightness of 10W and 800 lumens, whereas V1 has power of 9 W and 800 Lumens.

  1. Apple Home Kit 

The home kit is one of the key features in Yeelight V2 in comparison to V1.

  1. Hue Control on White Light bulb

With Yeelight V2 white light bulbs, you can control the hue of white light from 6500k to 2700k.

You can have the control to set the right atmosphere according to your work and mood. such as a romantic date night or a cooler tone motivating you to work. but on the other hand, V1 does not offer this feature.

  1. Design

Yeelight V2 offers off white base where is Vivian provides a silver base. V2 is thicker from v1 and covers a larger area at the top.

  1. Stand by

Stand by refers to the power consumed by bulb when switched off. Yeelight V1 consumes 1 watt which is a little too high for yearly consumption. V2, on the other hand, reduces standby time 0.5 watt with every bulb having an internal FLASH that can be used to save the setting.

Similarities between Yeelight V2 vs V1


Both products offer up to 16 million different colour choices. It allows you to create an ambience of your own choice to be at a party or a romantic date.

  • Create Scenes

You have the control to create custom scenes so you can adjust the scene according to your requirement as either you can increase the brightness or dim them gradually.

  • Sync Light with Music

Both the products offer this feature to sync the lights to your favourite songs and witness how the light change with the rhythm.

  • Away from home control

forget to turn off light while leaving home? Maybe you want to brighten your room before you get in. With this product have total control of your smart light regardless of your location.

  • Technology

Yeelight bulbs connected to your Wi-Fi router. you can save your time and forget the technicalities of installing another equipment.

Our Views

Xiaomi is gradually expanding its market in India. It offers smart and pocket-friendly products in the market. Smart lights are beneficial in providing more colours and illuminates our home. They allow you to have complete control over its features such as brightness, colour and mood.

with the improved version of Yeelight V2 do it offers a better replacement for Yeelight V1. it offers more brightness and it is also beneficial in cutting down energy consumption during standby. Witha white body yeelight V2 is considered as a good choice as Lighting bulb for customers for a great experience.

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