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Why RCS Messaging Is The Future Of SMS Marketing?

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Messaging is the norm of the 21st century, it is a service that everyone uses multiple times a day. Generally, people use 3rd party messaging platforms like Whatsapp, iMessage, etc to fulfil their messaging needs. RCS is a standardised form of messaging that is a level up to SMS.
The RCS market is expected to grow 12.5% in the forecast period of 2021-26. Sectors working with sensitive information like banking details highly rely on secured means of messaging for sharing information like bank details, OPT etc.

About RCS messaging

RCS messaging is an obvious next evolution of messages as the customers are already using OTT messaging. Every Android Phone after 2020 supports RCS messaging and soon almost every Android phone will support this service. If you are still confused as to why it will be universally adopted in such a short period of time, let me tell you a little about its developer.

This technology is developed by GSMA. This organisation represents the interests of mobile network operators worldwide. This is a key factor in determining the certain future of this technology. This organization is trusted and already has credibility in the market along with having almost every big-name phone service provider as its member.  Enough about its background, let’s talk about “What is RCS messaging?”.

What is RCS messaging?

RCS messaging is the next step and soon to be the replacement of SMS for all Android users. It is similar to any text messaging application without the need for any third-party application. RCS will function exactly like your favourite messaging application and won’t be limited to the available cellular network and will function over the Internet. RCS allows the user to grow out of standard text messaging and use GIF, Audio, Video etc for conversations.

Key Features Of RCS Messaging

  1. More Interactive:

RCS messaging differentiates itself from SMS by offering a more interactive form of communication. Users can use high-quality images, GIFs, videos, emojis, and more for communication. This makes the whole experience more enjoyable and interactive.

  1. Secure messaging:

RCS messaging is an end to end encrypted messaging service, which means only the users have access to their messages. Due to this technology, no one other than the users can have access to the information relayed in those messages. This makes the conversation secure for sensitive information. It also features verification marks for verified and safe companies to avoid scams.

  1. Quick actions:

It offers features that allow you to be more efficient. For instance, it introduces quick replies which means it will display messages like “thank you”, “welcome”,” will get back to you” to help you be more efficient with replies.

  1. Useful insight data:

RCS messaging offers useful insights that can help in smooth transiting from SMS marketing into RCS and can make the service better. SMS marketing is a big business in today’s time and this evolution of SMS is only going to make it bigger and better.

RCS Messaging taking Over SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a popular form of marketing business, in this service customers are sent offers, updates and other information via SMS. This service is very useful but is often limited by its ageing technology. RCS messaging is here to replace it and offer a new experience for company’s and users while also expanding the scope of SMS marketing altogether.

mTalkz is one of the brands offering RCS messaging services, they offer top quality services at attractive prices. mTalkz is here to keep you and your business future proof and let the new wave of technology be an enjoyable experience than a bother. Go to their official website https://mTalkz.com/ for more information. 

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