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Why Mohammed Haris Nalapad wants to become a Bengaluru Youth Congress president?

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A few years ago, a man who came to Kasorgod state which is located in Karnataka. His name is NA Mohammed. He came to that city without single money, but he had a big dream. He successfully fulfilled that dream and he becomes a huge businessman and congress politician in Karnataka. He is having a great name and he is considering as a prosperous leader in the congress party. His biggest dream is that he wanted to hear his name as the Bengaluru Youth congress president Mohammed Haris Nalapad.

What is the history of him?

First, he lived in Kerala, after that, he shifted to Karnataka in the Shivamogga district to start a new life. He initially set up a scrap metal store. He becomes financially stable, but he has not got satisfied with that, he wanted to do something for his life to make it more interesting.

After some years, he shifted to Bengaluru and lived in Vijayanagar. He started a store for buttermilk in the location Vasanth Nagar. On that also he had a great profit and he started so many businesses like having his own hotel, schools, started to handling so many government contracts called construction projects, etc.

Nalapad Mohammed had not achieved all this not only by his money and wealth, but his families have also well known for the gangsters dealing in the city. It is being a revealed secret that he has the equal manpower and money power. These both power helped him a lot for his political entry.

How he entered into politics?

He never participated in the elections on the Karnataka, but his closer bond people say that Mohammed’s ambition is to enter into the politics. His son named Nalapad Ahmed Haris has so much interested in politics. He fulfilled his father’s ambition and his ambition with so much effort.

To enter the politics, Haris Nalapad business helped him so much. He started to have a close relationship with the Karnataka millionaire politicians and minister named George. As soon they become a close associate. 

The minister helped him so much to get a position quickly in the congress inside. Then Haris becomes so close with the Karnataka congress members and with their families. Soon he got an opportunity for the election to become an MLA. He got selected by the people by voting and he was seated as an MLA. Most of the senior members in the congress don’t like that his faster growth in politics.

His service to the people makes him so much favorite to them, but his son was arrested in the middle due to some reasons, so some people got disappointment due to that. After a few years, he made his older son as the general secretary on the Bengaluru on the youth congress election.

Why congress leaders distance themselves from him?

Mohammed was arrested for insulting a man for some reason, then he kept in jail, after that he applies bail for so many times but it got rejected continuously, after that he got avoided by the congress peoples and struggled so much to get that position back. His son fulfilled his dreams and still now trying for the position of president for the youth congress. He wished to hear his name as Bengaluru Youth Congress president Mohammed Haris Nalapad by the people.

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