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Why is Magento Better than WordPress and Adobe Experience Manager?

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Currently, if anybody wants to develop a site, they always prefer to use a CMS (Content management system) in it like WordPress or Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) or Magento. And, if we talk about these CMSs, Magento development is the most popular among developers rather than WordPress or AEM Development. 

Before some time, people used to prefer WordPress for CMS, but gradually they started to apply Adobe Experience Manager, and, in the present, most of the e-commerce platforms are using Magento as their CMS. Do you know the reasons behind this difference between these CMS? In this post, you will get all the details why developers prefer Magento as CMS over WordPress and AEM.

What Makes the Magento Better than WordPress and Adobe Experience Manager?

Check out this guide that clearly defines what are some of the differences between WordPress, AEM, and Magento? Also, what are the factors that make Magento better than others-

WordPress: Most Suitable for Bloggers

In 2003, the reason behind WordPress Development was to provide an appropriate platform for bloggers, and since then, it is popular among developers and bloggers for its versatility. Currently, it is the most extensively used content management system online that can create a website virtually. 

Using WordPress largely refers to a user-friendly experience including full website customization that is the most attractive feature about it. Things that are not possible with the WordPress platform after installation can be included by using Plugins. It provides a whopping 56,000 plugins presented on this marketplace, and these are without those created by third-party developers.  

Adobe Experience Manager: Quality Content Provider

AEM is known as a CMS tool that permits authorized users to write and publish suitable content across all the digital platforms and channels. AEM Development is considered far better than WordPress or any other CMS as it is a hybrid CMS. It allows a user to publish content across all platforms consisting of mobile sites, websites, social channels, and native apps. 

You can also create quality content in this, and it is considered easier to use CMS than WordPress that leads to fastly meeting with the content demand of the venture by internal teams. 

AEM seamlessly provides integration with other core Adobe cloud tools such as- Adobe Cloud Analytics, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Adobe Target that are already used by enterprise-class and mid-level merchants.  

Magento: A Powerhouse for E-commerce

The ultimate goal of your e-commerce business is to sell all the products and services online via the website, Magento is the most suitable platform for this purpose. This complete e-commerce solution was launched in 2008 publicly, and since then, it has become the most favourite of all online sellers.  

There is also an increase in Magento Development Companies after its popularity as it ranks on number 4th in the CMS world. It is renowned as a strict e-commerce focused platform and a broader CMS that provides quality.   

Similar to plugins of WordPress, this CMS platform offers various extensions that are developed by 1st and 3rd party developers. There are still 4,000 to be set up and searched in the Magento marketplace. After installation, these extensions enhance the capabilities of Magento websites via features like multi-vendor functionality and automated store coupon distribution.   

Top Reasons Why Magento Is Better than Any other Content Management System

No developer is there who doesn’t know about the importance of Magento, so without any much ado, here check out the topmost reasons why this CMS platform is better than others-

  • Previously, many AEM Development Companies were providing AEM Development services, but now Magento is the top choice for all the developers as the Magento Community Edition (CE) is open-source. It provides ease in installing or using any version of Magento you want.
  • Magento holds a huge community that comprises dedicated programmers, developers, project managers, bloggers, CEOs, etc. Along with safety and speed, it also provides regular updates.
  • To provide support, this CMS adds valuable editions for stability, security, etc. to improve the user experience on this platform.
  • Magento Development Company offers a lethal combination with guaranteed success as it covers all the essential functions and aspects that build a successful and powerful web store along with a complete e-commerce solution.

Final Verdict

So, from the above post, we can conclude that Magento has various features and advantages rather than any other CMS platform like WordPress or Adobe Experience Manager that make it better from them. Since its development, it is getting a lot of attention from developers and merchants when it is about advanced eCommerce platforms. 
Scalability and flexibility provided by this CMS platform are the reason why developers prefer it for website and content development. If you are also searching for a Magento Development Company for site development, then hire a leading one to have a perfect solution for your venture.

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