Why is It Important For The Preschool to Have a Home Like Environment?

Preschools must provide a positive environment where children feel like they’re at home the moment they enter the building. It plays a significant role in the early years as it enables young minds to understand the importance of play in social, cognitive, emotional, physical, and motor domains of development. 

Choosing a preschool with a home-like environment is an exciting and challenging decision parents make for their child. They want to make sure that their children get nothing less than the best. 

For most kids, going to preschool in India is the first step away from home. A comfortable, vibrant, home-like, and loving environment enables kids to adjust with new people and encourages them to reach their maximum potential. The classroom serves to support students’ holistic growth; mind, body, and heart. Schools can’t embed social-emotional learning into the classrooms without the help of the teachers. They are the ones who stay mindful of emotions, challenges, stress, and trauma and make room for academic learning. 

Learning should be a pleasurable and fun-filled activity for children. The first day at preschool comes with zeal as well as fear for the children. It is the first step towards being independent. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that the preschool environment is friendly so that children don’t feel isolated. 

The environment of a school shapes the mind and the attitude of young minds. One of India’s largest preschool chains, Kidzee, provides an atmosphere for kids that gives them the freedom to nurture their skills and abilities. Moreover, the school focuses on developing learning modules in an engaging and entertaining manner for kids. 

At Kidzee, the teaching staff and management play a huge role in making the school atmosphere engaging. The teachers at the school undergo extensive training to be able to cater to children’s requirements. It also helps in increasing kids’ learning in a very effective manner. 

Preschool admission at Kidzee provides an interactive iLLUME that includes the best in class, child-centric, self-paced learning mechanism. It synergizes parents’ role, teachers to enable children to discover their abilities and innate talents through the love of learning. The children are engaged in fun-filled activities such as reading, writing, number recognition, counting, and problem-solving in a purposeful manner. 

Apart from providing the right school environment, Kidzee engages children in early social interaction. They encourage young minds to corroborate their learning through collaborative activities in the areas of arts, dramatics, and science. 

Kidzee addresses the growing requirements of a young and developing mind. It provides a vibrant, comfortable, and loving environment that helps shape the mind and children’s attitude.


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