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Why Gable Boxes And Handle Boxes are Mostly in The Same Shape And Style?

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These hut-shaped boxes are manufactured from a variety of different materials like corrugated paper, Kraft paper, cardboard, and PVC plastic. Each raw material has its distinct features and applications. The manufacturing material is selected as per the demand of the consumers and trends in the market. These boxes are called so because of the resemblance they have with gable houses. Correspondingly, these come in similar shapes with a handle at the top. Despite basic structural similarities, these boxes are customized in thousands and millions of unique designs to leave the customers mesmerized. Gable boxes have brought a new trend of handling the packaging boxes. This novel idea worked out splendidly, and today, endless designs of these boxes are in costumer’s range. Though these handle boxes do not offer many variations in the shape and structure, these are customized in every other possible aspect. As a consequence of this customization, one can get embellished boxes, in small as well as large size, with splendiferous printing patterns. Keeping all this customization aside, there is a rationale behind the congruent shapes of these boxes. Out of many incentives, below are listed a few reasons that why they mostly come in resembling styles and shapes.

1. Ability to Hold more items

Most of the time, custom gable boxes are available in square shapes. Owing to this shape, these boxes offer more room for the items placed inside. Very often, people get tired of holding a lot of things packed individually. It is because people get prone to the additional weight if the boxes. High-ceilinged boxes offer a perfect solution to this issue by accommodating more items in one box. These unique looking boxes are spacious and offer more room for the large-sized products to be placed perfectly. This exceptional feature makes these boxes special, distinguishes them from the rest of the available packaging solutions. Besides, by offering larger volumes, these boxes get easily noticed by the customers. Thus indirectly, these increase the sale of your retail product at an exceptional rate. Also, by opting for best colored and printed gable boxes, your product’s sale will get a boost. So, these boxes are not only accommodating but also bring you more revenue. 

2. Suffice to take away needs

One of the distinguishing features associated with the basic shape of kraft gable boxes is the handle on the top. This handle made the boxes easy to handle. Simply by grasping the handle, one can conveniently carry the items to the desired place. Handle removes the need for holding the whole box in both hands. You just need to insert your fingers in the handle hole, and there you go with your box. Corresponding to vast applications of the gable boxes with handle, food items are packed in them. As eco-friendly material is employed for their production, these boxes are best among all others for taking away your favorite food items. Even these are applied to pack freshly cooked food and also for the bakery items. These keep the optimum temperature inside and maintain food hygiene as well. 

3. Sneak preview at the product

To display the packaging products, clear gable boxes in square shape are introduced in the market. Instead of opaque packaging material, these boxes are composed of transparent PVC plastic. These give the viewers a complete check of the retail product. Industrialists gain the trust of their customers in this way. Most frequently, pre-wrapped chocolates and cookies are packed in these boxes. Not always the boxes are made crystal clear, and sometimes windows are introduced in the square-shaped boxes. The larger surface area associated with this shape and style gives space to make cuts and let the customers have a glimpse of the product inside. 

4. Safety insurance

When you search out in the market for suitable packaging solutions, you keep the safety as your priority, and designing comes the second. The purpose-built shape of the corrugated gable boxes meet all the security criteria and safeguard your product in the best possible way. During shipping, these spacious boxes prevent the item from being crushed. The auto-lock mechanism does not let the liquid products spill out. Strength has been imparted to their walls by corrugated paper, let your product reach safely to the customer without getting broken. Through gable packaging wholesale, you can get a discount on shipment charges. On ordering bulk quantity, these will come at a reasonable price, thus not unbalancing the budget.  

5. Brand promotion

One of the prime vehicles for advertisement these days is packaging boxes. With colorful patterns, catchy fonts and graphics, and printed logos increase the sale. In the meantime, these promote your brand. Promotion through these boxes saves the budget as well. Otherwise, expenses on advertising go beyond the company’s budget. Being sustainable and reusable, these do not end up in litter after unboxing. Rather, these are used for storage purposes afterward, which enhances customer experience in a positive sense.  Apart from these outlined reasons, there are many more objectives for these heavy-duty gable boxes to come in similar shapes. Keeping the basic structure intact, you can get these boxes customized as per need and trend.

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