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When To Get Professional SEO Services For Your Website?

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Search engine optimization is shifting the online game for all businesses. Everyone searches for the product’s details before buying them from the market. It is easy to compare the differences between a variety of products. Most of them order it online with a possible return policy condition. It assures that the businesses are selling genuine products online as well. This trust and integrity are maintained by all online stores to gain a competitive market share.

It is now becoming obligatory to emphasize on digital marketing to generate higher returns. However, digital marketing is a vast field and not all businesses are looking forward to adapting all digital trends. Some might be needing social media marketing, while others can benefit from PPC ads or SEO marketing.

However, some might be needing all depending on their business needs. Let us consider an example of an e-commerce store in Calgary, Canada. Online business is booming in COVID-19. Small and medium entrepreneurs are planning to invest in this business model to generate stable profits. But they need to invest in the design and development of their website to pursue online sales.

Web design and development can be outsourced or rendered by a freelance web developer. But ranking your website in line with the tough competition requires professional SEO assistance. Similar to design and development, content marketing is also required by SEO experts and for that SEO content should be written and optimized by professional writers to boost web traffic. Therefore, it is recommended to hire the best SEO company in Calgary for optimum and quick results.

2020 SEO trends focus on certain elements that were introduced before but never considered essential in ranking the web pages. This includes the E-A-T factor. The E-A-T factor was introduced in 2014 but became the subject matter in late 2018.

The E-A-T Factor and YMYL Websites:

According to this factor, Google prefers content that is written by experts, shares authority and is trustworthy. This states that the quality of the web content should be updated and highly professional with accurate details that may not be of any harm to the readers.

Following this concept, certain websites are labelled as Your Money or Your Life, YMYL. These websites share content that can affect anyone’s health, finances, happiness and safety. For example, if you run a pharmacy in Calgary that aims to sell its products online, then you should write your web content by some medical experts to avoid any health ambiguities.

People looking for a quick acne treatment might search for online creams to help them cure their medical issue, however, if you write and share your web content without consulting any professional assistance and solely to sell your products then your website comes under YMYL section. For such websites, Google has introduced the E-A-T concept.

The E-A-T factor emphasizes that YMYL web content should be written by industry experts who have knowledge, experience or understanding of the subject matter and is not a copy-pasting work. Such articles should be supported by original credentials at the end, backed up by relevant industry reviews, comments and testimonials on other websites and a contact page should be provided in case for any urgent assistance.

This shows that running an online store or an online pharmacy, might sound easy but as far as SEO is concerned the E-A-T factor has made things more user-friendly. This ends in the best interest of the searcher. The ultimate goal for conducting an SEO service on a website is to identify the searcher’s query and meet his intent with your web content. So, if searchers are satisfied with your content then web ranking and your online sales will improve drastically. Hence, following this new trend should help to improve your web ranking.

However, it must be considered that these are some technical aspects of SEO marketing that needs to be catered by professionals to reduce negative results. Similarly, while outsourcing the design and development of your website, there are chances of getting orphan pages and dead-ends on your web structure that can hamper SEO marketing later on.

Orphan Pages & Dead-Ends:

The orphan pages are those pages that are not directly linked by or to any other web page from the website and thus are difficult for crawlers to index. This helps in downgrading your SEO efforts as no links are shared on such pages and they have a high bounce rate. Furthermore, dead-ends are those pages that are linked on the website but they do not link to any other web page. This again is a drawback for SEO marketers.

As SEO is all about getting links to and from websites to increase page ranking and domain authority. Hence, if technical issues are present from the development stages then such matters will take time and effort to resolve. Therefore it is recommended to get help from Best SEO company in Calgary or any local company to help boost your website for increased returns.

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