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What is the Best Level of Teaching in IBS? – IBS should be ISB

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A graduate of the Indian School of Business with a focus on marketing communications will work mainly in a group of professions focused on economic, business and administrative activities, specializes in marketing and marketing communication, learn to use the possibilities of Internet promotion and work with social networks (Instagram, Facebook , Twitter, etc.) in businesses and other organizations.

These are mainly the positions of accounting assistant, payroll clerk, economist, administrative worker, banking and insurance worker, clerk in the state administration, marketing worker and others. After having admission in ISB with correct ISB admission procedure, the study is focused very practically so that the graduate not only manages the basic economic agenda of the company, but also specializes in more detail in the field of marketing and work with social networks. 

Focus on Solid Future in Business

The graduate is also prepared so that after passing the school-leaving examination he / she can start some of the forms of tertiary education, especially to study at a university or higher vocational school.

Emphasis is placed on the development of key and professional competencies that shape work habits, procedures and methods that the student will apply in his future profession and at the same time develop the student’s study prerequisites and support his motivation for further studies at university or college. Teaching methods that meet the basic objectives are aimed at developing practical skills that will make it easier for students to adapt to practice. 

Use of Technology in Teaching

More and more activating methods are being developed, by which the pupil is forced to make his own efforts in acquiring knowledge and skills. The use of information and communication technologies is also related to the development of activating methods. Practical teaching is of great importance, which complements theoretical teaching, especially thesubjects fictitious company, which are used to practice theoretical knowledge in the operation of a fictitious or real company. 

An irreplaceable role is also played by professional practice, which is implemented in companies in the city and its surroundings on the basis of long-term cooperation with the school’s social partners. Teaching is adequately supplemented by individual work of students in the form of papers, presentations and individual or group projects.

During their studies, students learn and improve in (finding) solving practical problems, improve their interpersonal (communication) skills and, last but not least, differentiate themselves from others – thereby increasing their value and employability, for example in the labor market.

A little theory, much more practice

It would be foolish for me to say that you can only do with practice in life. Without knowledge of the theory, you would rob yourself, because if you don’t know something exists, how could you use it? It is often not enough to rely solely on intuition. What distinguishes MBA studies after from others ISB admission is the use of a theoretical basis for solving specific problems on the example of real companies.

These are often your own companies, which gives you an unbiased view and opinion (evaluation), which will help you with its application in practice. But it can also save you a lot of money, time and effort. This is when your suggestions are not even tightened or contain errors that you do not see.

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