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What Are The Different Yoga Exercises And Their Benefits?

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The word yoga is very ancient in Indian civilization. Exercise means regular limb movement. Asana or yoga is to stand still for some time by connecting the mind in a special way. Regular yoga exercises are needed to keep the body healthy and functioning. In ancient times, in Ashram schools, students had to practice yoga for body building along with Vedic practices. Practicing yoga helps the body to be well-organized and helps to develop the body and mind. Below are some yoga practices and benefits that you can practice. Read the article at the end to know the methods and benefits of all of them.

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During the practice of Padmasana, the legs are placed on top of each other in such a way that the position of the feet looks like the petals of a lotus. The right leg should be placed on the left thigh, the ban leg should be placed on the right thigh. In this position, both knees will be on the ground. Keep the spine straight with the left hand on the right thigh and the right hand on the left thigh. Breathing should be kept normal.

Benefits – This seat is important for the practice of meditation ideas. Arthritis of the feet is eliminated in this seat. The spine is simple and flexible. The leg muscles are strong. Increases mental concentration and patience. Concentration on reading increases.


When doing this asana, the upper part of the body has to be raised from the waist. When doing this asana, the body looks as if it is lifted by a snake’s fang. Keep the chin on the ground with both legs together and straight and lie down on your back. The palms of both hands should be placed on either side of the chest in such a way that the fingers are equal to the shoulders and the elbows are attached to the waist. Now try to lift the upper part of the chest and navel with the force of the waist without massing the hands. Do this position for 40-60 seconds. Breathing should be kept normal.

Benefits – This seat improves waist, chest, back, spine and stomach function. The curvature of the spine is eliminated. In the anterior part of the spine, the nervous system shoots.


This is the practice of lying silently like a corpse or a corpse, so it is called Shavasana. Keep the legs straight and relax the body and lie down on your back. The legs should be on both sides of the body in a long way. Breathing should be kept normal. You have to lie down in such a way that you have no thoughts in your mind. Breathing can be done at the end of doing other seats. It is not right to breathe upside down.

Benefits – Breathing removes all fatigue from the body. New action energy comes to the body. Emotions, restlessness, insomnia, fatigue, etc. are removed by this posture.


Bend the legs backwards and sit on it with the ankles slightly apart. Keep the spine straight and keep the hands straight on both thighs. Breathing should be kept normal. Although there is some difficulty in the beginning, if you can practice, there will be no more difficulties later.

Benefits – Heartburn is good for heartburn, indigestion, constipation etc. With regular practice, sciatica, foot arthritis, etc. do not occur. Leg muscles and nerves are strong.

5) Dhanurasana:

Dhanurasana looks a lot like a bow. Relax your body and lie down on your back. Bring your legs from your knees to your back and hold your ankles tightly with both hands. Try to keep the legs and knees together. Now pull the ankles with your hands and slowly lift the head, chest and legs from the ground. Try to move the neck backwards as much as you can. Breathing should be kept normal.

Benefits – This asana practice relieves liver problems, constipation, and accumulation of fat in the abdomen and waist. The spine is flexible, the hunchback is removed. Helps to increase chest circumference.

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