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What are the benefits of working in a Government Sector?

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Many people want to go to work in sarkari office; since there are quite a few good benefits that can be obtained; And with this we are not only referring to what a public company offers in general; but the benefits that you can have in other establishments such as special discounts; or access to particular services such as loans or credits. 

For this reason, it is worth identifying what the differences are between a public and private company ; Well, in this way we can be clearer in what kind of place we are working and in this way; know if we have access to different opportunities. 

Many times, the confusion between what is a public and a private company arises because we think that this classification depends on its nationality; although, sarkari daftar need to be national or from Mexico; private companies can be too. Therefore, due to all these doubts, as well as the differences and similarities between the two; is that I have decided to write this note to be able to talk about the differences between a public and private company.  So without further ado, let’s see the characteristics of each type of company, in order to be much clearer about which are the government or public companies; and why are they called that.


For a private sector worker, the benefits may vary depending on their type of hiring, that is, not everyone is going to enjoy vacations, Christmas bonus, social security, licenses, or some type of credit service, among others. In the government office, it is different and it will depend on the type of contract you have. If you are a grassroots worker, you will have access to all kinds of benefits: licenses, bonuses, holidays, three vacation periods, grocery vouchers, health insurance, mortgage loans, personal loans, etc. If it is a trustworthy worker, their benefits will be a little more limited, but they do not differ much from the base. For people who are for fees, benefits are reduced.

Exclusive credits:

When you are a government employee, you may have the right to apply for personal loans. But why do workers in this sector have these benefits? Some financial entities have the ability to negotiate agreements with the different government agencies.

Based on the agreements, the different workers in the public sector will be able to have an extra income and have access to the different benefits acquiring credits without a bureau. 


For people who work for the private sector, the hours vary, because some may have a working day of 9 hours or even 12 hours; that depends on which company hires you. Also, days of rest in the private sector are, for the most part, one day off per week.

For the public sector worker the hours are pleasant; they are almost always 6 to 9 hour days, where overtime has an economic value, a case that in the private sector is very difficult to happen. Employees in this sector enjoy, for the most part, two days off per week.

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