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What are remarkable wrap dresses?

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The history of the appearance of the wrap dresses and its popularity today

The wrap dress gained its popularity thanks to the designer Claire McCardell, who embodied her unusual, but stylish idea back in the thirties of the XX century. This new style attracted attention by not only masking flaws, giving a slim and soft silhouette, but also emphasizing all the advantages of beautiful girls and women of different configurations.

It is not surprising that since then such a successful solution has gained great popularity and, despite the inconstancy of fashion, has remained unchanged and relevant to this day. In such a famous “robe” they breathed new life into our days. Now it again conquers the catwalks and the hearts of fashionistas who follow the novelties in the empire of beauty and fashion.

Nowadays, there are endless variations and styles of this excellent design solution.

So what kinds of wrap dresses are there?

This model is suitable for girls in any body proportions, it gives a special femininity. Let’s consider the main models:

  • beach;
  • double-breasted model;
  • plain to the floor;
  • with unusual sleeves;
  • decorated with lace inserts;
  • with a wrap on the skirt;
  • short with a fluffy skirt;
  • denim from a lighter fabric.

What are the individual characteristics of each species?

So, for example, a beach model with a smell made of light and almost weightless fabric has become in fashion in 2020. “Maxi” option is suitable for both regular walks and for a photo session, and as a daily and in case of long hikes – “midi”.

The double-breasted model, in turn, is strict and original, which makes it possible to wear it both to business meetings and to evening events. For her, they are sewing from dense fabric, which perfectly highlights all the advantages of the figure and hides the flaws, so this model will always look advantageous on any figure.

Solid floor-length wrap dresses are sewn from light fabrics that develop in the wind. This makes this model ideal for sunny summer days. Some types of wrap dresses made of expensive and luxurious fabrics, with open shoulders and plunging necklines, are great for evening looks, for attending business evening events. This model does not hinder movement and perfectly emphasizes the contours of the body, giving it sophistication.

The model of a dress with unusual sleeves can adapt to the peculiarities of a woman’s silhouette of branded clothing. For example, cutouts on the shoulders will perfectly emphasize the upper part of the arms, or vice versa, lantern sleeves will help hide all the problems in this area. Thanks to this style of dress, your flaws will turn into advantages.


The decor with lace inserts along the hem and the edge of the scent complements mini- wrap dresses well, without requiring any additional additions, focusing more on the femininity and uniqueness of the image. This dress is perfect for dating, giving its owner tenderness and lightness.

“Tulip”, or a dress with a wrap on a skirt, will perfectly suit all owners of a figure with lush hips. Thanks to the selected minimal decor and the neatness of the cut, an incredibly stylish but calm image is created. This style can be of different lengths, so when shopping, you can easily find a model “mini”, lush “maxi” or “midi”.

A short model with a fluffy skirt is not only suitable for all types of female figure, but also allows you to hide wide hips with the help of the lower part or to emphasize the slimness of your legs with its short length. In combination with high-heeled shoes and a wide belt, you can further highlight the refinement and beauty of the body.

Denim jeans are made of denim. Now it is at the peak of its popularity. Its advantages lie in the ability to fit snugly to the figure, while creating a unique image. Today, this option is applicable even for a business dress code.

When choosing a dress , first of all, you need to pay attention to the type of your figure. Wrap dresses will be popular at all times due to their practicality, as they are suitable for both everyday wear and business meetings.

How to pair a long sleeve with other wardrobe clothes

It often happens when women confuse a long sleeve with a sweatshirt . This is for the simple reason that outwardly they are very similar, however, the long sleeve is made of cotton, which makes it softer and more pleasant to the body, moreover, this material allows things to fit the figure.

Some of the main characteristics that confuse the two are long sleeve, neckline and length. Let us consider in more detail what a long sleeve is, and what qualities distinguish it from other wardrobe items that look similar to it.

Long sleeve is …

This wardrobe item is a T-shirt that has long sleeves. It looks like a sweater, but much thinner and softer. Ordinary sweaters are made with additional materials that add volume to the garment and allow the body to warm up at low temperatures. The item of the wardrobe in question is sewn from cotton, which does not warm up so much, however, with sharp temperature changes, it allows you not to freeze or sweat from the heat.

It’s funny, but initially long sleeve was conceived as an element of men’s wardrobe . Men wore it as underwear until women decided to pick up this extremely comfortable and versatile piece of clothing.

If we talk about the classic form of women’s clothing , then it can be noted that the considered wardrobe item is usually presented without collars, cuffs, buttons or prints. This is a regular long sleeve T-shirt. However, this may seem boring to some, so designers and fashion designers have come up with many decorative elements that add zest to the image.

Today you can meet a huge variety of long sleeve styles. For example, you can often see not a round, but a V-shaped neckline. And the length of the sleeve and the product itself can vary greatly. But a lot of attention is paid to the print and patterns. They add color to the image, making it more interesting.

Clothes that are always in place

If you are wondering how, in what case and with what to combine this product, then you can confidently answer that this piece of clothing will suit any style and will be perfectly combined with different elements of the wardrobe. For such versatility, longsleeves can be safely ranked among the basic things of the wardrobe.

Here are just a few directions in style with which this product can be combined:

  1. Sports.
  2. Military.
  3. Minimalistic.
  4. Oversize.
  5. Grunge and many others.

As you can see, the item is suitable for any wardrobe and for every taste. The main thing is to choose the right combination of colors and styles.

What can you combine a long sleeve with?

Due to its versatility, the product can be combined with all things in the closet. But it all depends on the print and its availability in principle. For example, if you bought a simple longsleeve without additional decor, then the thing can be used as a base – a kind of clean canvas on which you can create anything you want. Best paired with jeans or trousers. Can be worn with a sweatshirt, bomber jacket or jacket.

If there are stripes on things, then feel free to try on the image of a sailor. Find simple pants or a matching skirt and the look is ready. And if your choice fell on a double sleeve, then a leather jacket and oversized jeans will make you a rebel, and a short brisk jacket will turn a girl into a provocative seductress.

In the event that you are a lover of more modern fashion trends, then the oversized style will perfectly complement this wardrobe item. Slip one piece on top of a friend so that it looks out from underneath, adding layers. Jeans will perfectly complement the look and give a relaxed look.

Particular attention should be paid to the color of the product. If it is beige or khaki, then feel free to wear rough boots and wide pants, creating a warlike military style. Additional jewelry in the form of chains will make the look even more interesting.

For those who are not ready for risky experiments with their appearance, a light summer option is perfect. Light colors, shorts , sneakers and a backpack will complement the long sleeve, adding spontaneity and lightness. As a winter option, darker and more saturated colors are suitable in combination with jeans, overalls and jackets made of thick materials.

Top 5 long sleeve looks

If you are in doubt about the correctness of the selected combinations, then you can use some recommendations for combining a long sleeve with other clothes. Here are five of the safest options:

  1. We take a solid color product as a basis. We add dark skinny pants, an elongated jacket to match the pants and Chelsea. The most versatile look that looks good on both men and women.
  2. Long sleeve bright color. Oversized jeans and sandals. Large bag and beads as an accessory.
  3. With a striped long sleeve, you can think about an image with ripped jeans and sneakers, and a bag to match the top.
  4. Black top, black shorts, sneakers and a cap.
  5. Solid top with a full skirt and rough boots.

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