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Viral Video: Man in Gurugram drinks alcohol on roof of moving car, traffic police issue challan

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Two videos showcasing a man engaging in reckless behavior while on the roof of a moving car in Gurugram have gained significant attention on various social media platforms.

The videos depict an individual consuming alcohol and performing push-ups, both while the car is in motion. Additionally, two friends can be seen exiting the moving vehicle by opening the doors from either side.

Responding promptly to the viral videos, the Gurugram Traffic Police took action by issuing a challan to the car owner based on the vehicle’s registration number.

“The violator has been issued a challan amounting to Rs 6500. We urge all road users to prioritize their safety and the safety of others by adhering to traffic rules,” the traffic police stated on a microblogging site while addressing the circulated videos.

On Tuesday morning, a Twitter user shared two videos, the first lasting 13 seconds. In the first video, an unidentified man is seen consuming alcohol atop a moving car amidst the traffic. Additionally, two other occupants emerge from the car by opening the front doors on both sides. The man wearing a white shirt on the car roof is holding what appears to be a beer bottle.

The second video features the same car and individuals. This time, the man in the white shirt is observed doing push-ups on the moving car’s roof. The 27-second-long video showcases three other men climbing onto the car doors from the outside and engaging in dancing.

The police swiftly took action upon becoming aware of the video through Twitter. Based on the car’s registration number, it was determined that the vehicle is registered under the name of Harish as the first owner, with Gurugram South authority.

“We have issued a challan of Rs 6500 to the violator under the Motor Vehicle Act. Such actions on the roads will not be tolerated,” stated Virender Vij, DCP of Traffic.

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