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Useful Tips for Choosing an Industrial Powder Coating Company

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To keep your steel and cast iron furniture safe from rust and make them long-lasting, the only useful techniques you can think of is Castelle powder coating. To male your furniture durable and sturdy, use the perfect powder coating that must contain polymer resins and powerful additives.

There is a lot of change in the equipment and process in the powder coating industry in the past few years. But not every Dedon Powder Coating Huntington Beach CA company has adopted these changes. You need to be careful while hiring any contractor.

So there are a few useful tips that we have shortlisted for you to help in choosing a powder coating company.

Company’s insurance and license 

Make sure that the powder coating company you are going to choose has valid insurance and license. Identify some facts about their nature of business and check whether they actually belong to any trade organization or not.

Ask them and search yourself whether the powder coating is their principle service or not? It is very essential to know since no one will give you the best service of theirs if its not their specialty. If it’s their primary service, then they must be keeping up with all the new technologies and equipment for powder coating.   

Which type of coating the company is certified for?

Simply choosing a powder company that is certified is not enough. Maybe the company is certified but not in the coating type that you are interested in. Remember, not every company is certified in each type of powder coating.

For a particular coating that you want to apply, you must have to contact a certified licensed applicator expert for that coating type. No one else can do this work better than the expert person of that coating type. Otherwise, you might have to face major problems, if you settle for anything less than this.

Experience level

Most of the people don’t think of the experience level of a powder coating industry. They just focus on getting the required services and that’s all! Experience always matters. You should check the experience level of the company and personals you are hiring for the powder coating project.

Identify how they handle their customers and provide them services. Analyze their standards of hiring personnel. Experience is the only thing that matters in the end. It is the strength of any company and the services they are providing.  

Product liability insurance 

There is no best way, except using the powder coating parts that you receive, you use as a protection against anything that is going wrong. It is very important to have liability insurance for every part that you receive.

After all, you are putting a lot of trusts in the company and on the parts. Damage could occur to the entire machine, even if the slightest thing goes wrong. So you should always look for the company that is shielded against everything and have product liability insurance.

Parts should fit into your needs

you have to check that the parts that you have requested for industrial use, should be listed by UL or ETL. This will depict the type of use that you need. It will ensure that the parts that you will get, will fulfill the required purpose safely and efficiently.  

Up-to-date equipment 

It is essential to know what kind of equipment, a powder coating company is using. This information will help you a lot in knowing the company concerning the powder coating trade. with emerging client needs, a powder coating company needs to stay up-to-date, as the technology changes day by day.

A potential powder company should show you the equipment they will be used in testing coating thickness, surface flexibility, and surface coating adherence.

So, here you go! These were the most useful tips you could ever get for choosing the powder coating company. If the company fulfills all these requirements then you should choose it without wasting further time and energy. Hope that you’ll find your idea powder coating company.

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