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Usage of Mobile Devices In Education System

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Usage of Mobile is common for every person in everyday life. It’s hard to imagine a life without a handset.No matter in whichever field you are in usage of mobile is a basic necessity. When it comes to cell phones the maximum usage is in education firms. As of now, education is being acquired through mobile devices. Old school tradition has been terminated where candidates are sitting in a closed room in a front huge blockboard.

Mobile Devices has taken over almost every school, college, and institutes it has been said it’s a beneficial point every not only for the candidates but also for the educational system. Here are some brief points noted down below that how a Mobile Devices is beneficial during an Online Exam Software

  • Live Monitoring- When the exams are conducted through a mobile device at the same time there is live monitoring done by the investigators through CCTV Cameras or microphones.
  • Time Saver- It eliminates the process of distributing question papers or collecting answer sheets. With the help of mobile devices, all this hassle is covered up as the question is distributed automatically and the answer is given digitally and eliminates the pen and paper process.
  • Safe And Secure- Create or generate question paper and upload it in the system. Once it’s uploaded then it’s safe and secure it will be only distributed to the candidates at the time of examination. So, there are no changes in the leakage of the question paper.
  • Flexibility- It’s true when exams are conducted through mobile devices it provides great flexibility to candidates as it allows them to attend their examination according to their convenient location at any given time by which it eliminates the process of allocation exam centers to the candidates.
  • Complete Analysis- Allows the student to get a complete analysis of their performance and to keep a record of their progress. Which helps the student to know in which area it requires more improvement.
  • Distance Learning- The main benefits can be stated over here that covers up the long-distance education. So, no matter what your location the exams are conducted everywhere at the same time. Distance is not an issue in mobile learning.
  • Gamification- It makes learning more entertaining and fun for the candidates when they are educated through game quizzes, puzzles, riddles, etc. So to attract student mobile device gamification plays a vital role.
  • Instant Result- Eliminates the checking of papers and waiting for results. Through mobile devices, it provides an instant result to candidates. Once the answers are submitted it gives an instant result at the same time.
  • Exam Preparation- Before every examination revision is required. But when you are on a mobile device there are various ways where your smartphone becomes your tutor. 

Informative Videos, Audio Playbacks, mock tests, practice papers, etc. These are the various ways that not only provide a brief of your content but gives information to dig deeper into the details.

  • Instant Learning- It’s natural while learning questions and queries arise. But, when education is done through Mobile Devices queries and doubt are answered on that instant moment and candidates get a better understanding through this instant learning by the help of these smartphones. 


Conducting exams and lectures through mobile devices has been trending in all education firms as it provides flexibility to candidates, faculty, and the education system. By seeing the benefits of mobile devices on education it seems it’s going to terminate the school and college life as the education will be run by the technology itself.

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