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Understanding Doctor of Philosophy and its need

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Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma
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Doctor of Philosophy or PHD is a degree that is usually awarded to those who complete extensive research in a specified field of study. The degree entails research work that heavily contributes to the current knowledge base, and is finished with a dissertation or thesis. PhD is considered one of the most illustrious academic awards in the world. This course’s duration varies from one university to another. However, for some of the prime universities in India, the minimum duration for the PhD programme is two years (four semesters). Though, a research student is given relaxation of up to 6-12 months in the above periods allowing pre-submission of the thesis, provided he/she produces sufficient evidence of having done prior research work resulting in the publication of research papers in refereed journals in his/her area of research.

There are many universities in India that offer PhD programmes. Internationally, this programme is as relevant and famous.Aspirants from all walks of life have different reasons to complete their doctorate programme. For some, possessing this degree means kick-starting a long and successful career in academia and for others, a PhD is an excellent and successful way to expand their research into a specific field. People with PhDs are needed at different places in society, and the academic skills that they develop during their tenure prepare them for a wide array of challenges.

Whenever we think of doing a doctorate programme, we always want to rush to metropolitans. But little do we know, small city colleges have some best emerging colleges of the country. The rate at which PHD admissions in Jaipur are soaring is a testimony to that fact. Jaipur is also a home to some of the top universities of Rajasthan where students from all over the world come for research work.

Rajasthan is a state where thousands of aspirants come from afar each year to make their destiny. Since, there are a number of premier universities in the state, it is impossible to rule out one as a top university in Rajasthan.

Top colleges- What do they have in store?

Some of the best universities of the state encourage research in interdisciplinary areas in academics as well as industrial practices to promote creativity, productivity and to open up new avenues of research work. Their PHD programme is designed to emphasise discovery of new facts where new perspective of interpretation can be discovered.Research in interdisciplinary areas in academics as well as industrial practices; Discovery of new facts by providing a new perspective of interpretation; Demonstration of research scholar’s capacity for critical examination and sound judgment; Innovation and development of equipment/ products/ processes;Opening up new avenues of research work in diverse domains; Implementation of policies for improving the research infrastructure, are some core aspects of a prime university that offer PHD programme. India has witnessed a jump in the number of students enrolling in PHD programmes. The reason is, a lot of companies now realise how important in-depth understanding of a niche field is. To attain perfection, students with PHD degree are getting preferred all over the world.

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