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Top 5 Best Mobile Scanning and OCR Apps

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Don’t you own a scanner? Well, you can still digitize papers instantly with a mobile scanner app. Many scanner apps offer quick and accurate scanning. Such apps also offer help when you want to turn your pages into an editable file, optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

Do you want a brilliant scanner app that offers multiple functionalities? So, here we share a list of apps that will simplify all your scanning issues. 

Best 5 Scanner Apps That Offer Accurate OCR Functionality

Mobile scanner apps use your device’s camera to scan any image. These apps are easy and go-to scanning solutions. Most of the apps offer a brilliant OCR technique. Before exploring a list of OCR scanners lets understand a bit of OCR technique.

Why Do We Need OCR Scanner Apps?

The OCR technology allows the transformation of any documents or static images into editable PDF file formats .OCR converts a text comprising image into an editable file that is digitally accessible. 

That’s why such apps are widely useful to industry experts, teachers, doctors, etc. With the help of a mobile scanner app, you can perform OCR with your device. We have tested a few renowned scanner apps and carefully selected the best ones to share with you.


FlashScan is the most reliable mobile scanner app. This newbie app is known for its simple interface and effective functionalities. 

  • It scans nearly all kinds of documents for free. This Android camera scanner is one of the fastest document scanner apps.
  • You can use your device to scan vouchers, bills, books, articles, IDs, certificates, etc with this app.
  • FlashScan is the top-class image to PDF converter app. It also translates recognized text from multiple languages.
  • It works excellently well as a QR and barcode scanner. 
  • It also offers impressive post-scan filters. 
  • Get crystal clear high-quality scans with the Batch Scan feature. It lets you scan multiple images with one-go.
  • Users can easily get original or compressed sized PDFs. It also creates PDFs in several page sizes. E.g., Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4, A5. 
  • It lets you place a custom watermark on PDFs for image security.
  • You can easily encrypt any PDF files by setting up a password.
  • Users can effortlessly scan their signature and place it on any PDFs.

Image To Text OCR

Image to text OCR is a brilliant and multi-functional scanner tool. Here are some of the main features of the app.

  • With 99%+ accuracy(Pro) and supporting the most popular 30+ languages(Pro)of the world, Image To Text OCR is a widely used app across the globe.
  • This document scanner app also supports batch image scanning. However, a strong Internet connection is needed for that.
  • You can easily save, share, rename, and delete any scans or files.
  • It offers 10 Pro OCR scan free in the first install and 5 Pro OCR scans free every day.

Microsoft Office Lens

 It is a free document scanner app that scans different types of papers easily. With a straightforward interface and easy navigation, it offers many effective features.

  • Microsoft Office Lens runs OCR on images with text, but only when you use it in association with other apps, namely Word and OneDrive.
  • This document scanner app has four different scanning modes: Business Card, Document, Whiteboard, and Photo. Users can easily scan various types of documents with this app.
  • Users can save scanned files as PDFs, OneNote notes, PowerPoint decks, or share it to Outlook or another email app.
  • Get a clean and high-quality image to PDF conversion with the app. (no watermarks)

Smart Doc Scanner

This app turns your device into an exceptional OCR scanner which allows you to easily recognize text from images.

  • It is an excellent scanner app that lets you digitize your documents in just a few taps.
  • It offers a flexible interface that allows users to process images easily.
  • This app offers the most reliable edge detection in the market to quickly set the frames of your papers in real-time.
  • Get intuitive OCR support to convert any image to text in more than 40 languages.
  • It lets you keep your data safe with automatic backup and you can restore it to cloud accounts such as Google Drive.

Text Scanner

Need high-quality scans with the highest accuracy? Use Text Scanner. It is the fastest scanner that offers crystal clear scans.

  • Text Scanner scans flawlessly and also offers many editing filters.
  • You can scan old photos of your album, bills, receipts, and almost all types of documents.
  • It is one of the most intuitive image converters that offers almost 100% of accuracy.
  • It supports more than 50 languages for the translation of the recognized text.

Concluding Notes

Gone are the days that we have a huge scanner machine to scan different documents. With the advent of technology, mobile scanner apps replaced those bulky scanners and offered us more reliable and high-quality scans on the spot. 

We highly recommend you to use FlashScan, one of the best OCR scanner app. This all inclusive mobile scanner will turn your device into a portable scanner.

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